51 Soccer Quotes About Passion for The Game from Professional Soccer Players and Managers

In this post we are sharing with our readers inspiring quotes about passion from renowned soccer players and managers. These quotes gives us an inside to soccer players’ mindset as well as their approach towards the game.

We tend to work harder, be more resilient in the face of obstacles, and be more committed to our goals when we are passionate about something. For soccer players, or any passionate athlete, the passion for the game is so strong that it lingers even after retirement.

Working on something we enjoy and that speaks to us on a deeper level is inherently rewarding and fulfilling. Pursuing work that is in line with our interests can lead to greater job satisfaction and success.

Many soccer players regard the sport as their life’s passion and more than just a job, even in the face of difficulties and setbacks. A more profound feeling of satisfaction and meaning in our work can give us a sense of direction in life.

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  1. There is no secret to success. It’s hard work, matched with passion and support that elevates you to the top.” – Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese soccer player

  2. I’ve been a defender since I was very young. I love it when good strikers don’t score against me. Preventing goals, that’s my passion. Virgil van Dijk, Dutch soccer player

  3. I miss soccer every day. I don’t know whether it’s the athlete in me, or the passion I have for the game. I always think that I can step back on the field and play. David Beckham, English soccer player

  4. I want to enjoy my football because it is great fun. Scoring goals and breaking records is what drives me. Kylian Mbappé, French soccer player

  5. Every player gets frustrated when they are not playing because that’s what you are here to do. That’s where your passion belongs. Mike Williamson, English soccer player

  6. There is nothing more beautiful than doing work that is your passion. Robert Lewandowski, Polish soccer player

  7. I’m maybe not the loudest but I try to play the way I play and I think I have a lot of passion and drive when I’m in my actions. Kevin De Bruyne, Belgian soccer player

  8. You have to have the courage to wear this jersey and to be able to play with the best because it’s your job, your passion. Achraf Hakimi, Moroccan soccer player

  9. I still love and have passion for the game because the people who know me, they know this is my life. This is what I love to do. My passion is still intact. Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese soccer player

  10. If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with much conviction or passion. Mia Hamm, American soccer player

  11. I always had a soccer ball with me. I could never stop. As young as I can remember, my dad was always throwing a soccer ball at me. Christian Pulisic, American soccer player

  12. What can I promise? Passion, real passion. Passion for my job, but also passion for my Club, that’s the way I have been all my career. Jose Mourinho, Portuguese football manager

  13. Motivation is everything. As long as I want to suffer, to fight, I’ll continue. After the passion that motivated me in my first years, I set myself the goal of having a challenge, to always fight for a bigger objective. Gianluigi Buffon, Italian soccer player

  14. I love playing football. It’s my passion. Alphonso Davies, Canadian soccer player

  15. If soccer is your passion, if that’s what you want to do, just give it your all every day. Keep working hard every single day. If you work hard, the rewards will come. Pedro Ribeiro, Brazilian soccer player

  16. In an ideal world, the only motivation of a football player should be passion. Paolo Maldini, Italian soccer player

  17. For me football is a passion. I am beginning to near the end of my career. I ask myself what am I going to do in the world of football. Honestly, that is the only thing going on in my mind. Riyad Mahrez, soccer player

  18. You can’t win without passion, desire and enthusiasm. Xavi Hernandez, Spanish soccer player

  19. The older I got, the clearer it became to me that football is my main passion, which I want to devote myself to entirely. Achraf Hakimi, soccer player

  20. I had considered giving up but my desire and passion were too strong. I wanted to make it as professional footballer and now I’m here. Lorenzo Insigne, Italian soccer player

  21. If there’s one constant I’ve witnessed throughout the journey, it has to be passion. Shinji Kagawa, Japanese soccer player

  22. If you want to be a professional footballer, you have to respect your profession. You have to respect the people that are making you the star you are. You have to protect the passion every day. Emmanuel Petit, French soccer player

  23. Football is my passion, it’s integral to my entire life and when your passion becomes your career it’s like a dream coming true. Diego Martínez, Spanish football coach

  24. When I was little, I played a lot of football, from eight in the morning until night. I didn’t get tired. It’s my passion and football has been a big part of my life since I was a child. Takefusa Kubo, Japanese soccer player

  25. I have gone through many stages in my football career to prepare myself for this. Football is everything, my passion. Ronaldo Luís, Brazilian soccer player

  26. Passion is the most powerful motivation that you can find. Luis Martínez, Mexican soccer player

  27. Passion is the word that sums up my football. The day I do not feel that passion and ambition I may have to quit football. Raul García, Spanish soccer player

  28. You always feel the butterflies in your stomach in important matches. When a player stops feeling this, he’s ceased to have passion. Then when the match begins you’re focused and you forget everything. Julio Cesar, Brazilian soccer player

  29. If you have passion for the game, that is always a good starting point. Carlos Queiroz, Portuguese football coach

  30. For us working we have to get our heads down and work in front of us. Passion is normal. We can all be passionate together and get to where we want to be. Frank Lampard, English soccer manager

  31. I love soccer. That’s my passion. That’s what I make a living doing. Clint Dempsey, American soccer player

  32. I am someone who plays with pride and passion. Soccer is my life, and I believe in my abilities. Claudio Reyna, American soccer player

  33. You can have a tactical plan but without passion it doesn’t work. Ralph Hasenhuttl, Austrian football manager

  34. Passion makes the difference. Sepp Blatter, soccer administrator

  35. Passion is passion but to me, in life, you need to have proper qualifications. So my priorities were always to complete my studies first and then chase passion. Muhamad Irfan, soccer player

  36. What creates passion is quality, the good players, the good teams. Jose Mourinho, Portuguese football manager

  37. Hard work, dedication, passion and love for what you do are a great recipe. Don’t ever let someone tell you ‘you can’t do something or achieve your dreams. Ellen White, English soccer player

  38. I have played in stadiums where the electric atmosphere sparks emotions that cuts across cultures and nationalities; this was the exact same experience I had playing this beautiful game at 20,000 feet above the ground with a group of fearless football fanatics taking their passion for the sport to unprecedented heights. Luis Figo, Portuguese soccer player

  39. Football is the people’s passion that brings so many different people together. Andriy Shevchenko, Ukrainian soccer player

  40. I think as a player, you always need to show your passion and how much you care. Vito Mannone, Italian soccer player

  41. It doesn’t matter the situation around you, your job is to win, your passion is winning games. Branislav Ivanovic, Serbian soccer player

  42. It’s not about playing the best football, it’s about getting results. Most of the time it works if we’ve got a good plan but the passion is really important. Jurgen Klopp, German soccer player

  43. As long as I have this passion, I will continue playing football.   Andrea Pirlo, Italian soccer player

  44. I take the right stimulus from my big love for football. That passion is the only thing that allows me to still make the efforts during training sessions and engage myself at the top. Paolo Maldini, Italian soccer player

  45. Passion is really important. You can’t let the other team have more than you because then things get difficult. Bukayo Saka, English soccer player

  46. It’s not about the money, but it’s about having the pride and passion to play for whatever club you are. Nick Dasovic, Canadian soccer player

  47. Find out what you love. Once you find out what you do, practice it as much as you can and try to be the best at it that you can. Whatever that is, whether it’s school or music or art, follow your passion. Landon Donovan, American soccer player


Soccer manager Antonio Conte quotes about passion

  1. Passion is the first important thing for the coach and the player. If you don’t have passion it is very ­difficult to reach ­something important, as ­players or as a manager. Antonio Conte, Italian soccer manager

  2. We started to play when we were children without money, only passion. Then came money, but the passion is more important than money for me. Antonio Conte, Italian soccer manager

  3. It’s right to show your passion, but in the right way, not in a bad way. Antonio Conte, Italian soccer manager

  4. We do this work but, for us, it’s not work it’s a passion. Antonio Conte, Italian soccer manager



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