30 Inspiring Quotes From NBA Player De’Aaron Fox

Player name: De’Aaron Fox, Basketball player

American professional basketball player De’Aaron Martez Fox competes for the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1997. Fox was chosen for his first All-Star team in 2023. The Sacramento Kings selected Fox with the fifth overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.  Fox was selected as the first NBA Clutch Player of the Year Award winner in 2023.

This post contains inspirational quotes from NBA player De’Aaron Fox.

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  1. The difference between good players and great players – people say work, but – even good players work hard. Great players just kind of have a different mentality, the way that they put in the work.” – De’Aaron Fox

  2. You have to have that mentality that you want to be great.” – De’Aaron Fox

  3. You’ve got to fight for whatever you want. That’s on the court and off the court. Nothing is going to be given to you.” – De’Aaron Fox

  4. To be a winner, your point guard has to be able to shoot the ball.” – De’Aaron Fox

  5. I’ve never let basketball change who I am off the court. I can have a bad game and be smiling two hours later. Basketball is basketball. I let life be separate.” – De’Aaron Fox

  6. When the ball’s going in and you have a rhythm, the basket starts looking like the ocean.” – De’Aaron Fox

  7. You have to be extremely confident and be okay with failing to take big shots.” – De’Aaron Fox

  8. To be an ultimate competitor, you have to be able to get up for every game, no matter who you’re guarding, no matter who you’re going out there to play against.” – De’Aaron Fox

  9. It’s just trying to do it consistently because just about every night you’re going against a great guard. So if you’re able to turn them at times, just be able to take away from the shot clock, that helps the defense.” – De’Aaron Fox

  10. I’ve always been a winner regardless of where I’ve been, as far as college, AAU, middle school basketball, high school basketball.” – De’Aaron Fox

  11. You can’t go out there being nervous, because at the end of the day you’re still playing basketball.” – De’Aaron Fox

  12. You can’t be afraid to fail. At the end of the day especially in close games—down to the wire games, you can’t be afraid to fail because now you know you’re hesitating or you’re not shooting your shot that you probably should have taken. .” – De’Aaron Fox

  13. If you mess up, you can’t dwell on that because one bad play can turn into five bad plays then that turns into 10.” – De’Aaron Fox

  14. When you’re one of those guys that can shoot the ball, you probably don’t have to be super athletic, you don’t have to be super fast.” – De’Aaron Fox

  15. You’re always playing a great point guard. But is it more motivation? Not really. You’re just going in and playing basketball.” – De’Aaron Fox

  16. Easy to dream a dream, though it’s harder to live it.” – De’Aaron Fox

  17. I compete no matter what I’m doing … playing basketball, soccer, anything, no matter what I’m doing I’m trying to compete. I always want to win.” – De’Aaron Fox

  18. You’re sitting there anxious waiting to hear your name called, and once it’s called, it’s like the world lifted off your shoulders, like there’s zero gravity.” – De’Aaron Fox

  19. It’s hard to win in this league no matter who you’re going against, really. If you go out there and you’re lollygagging and you’re not ready to play, anybody can beat you by 20.” – De’Aaron Fox

  20. My ability to win is what separates me.” – De’Aaron Fox

  21. Sometimes you’re going to have off games, but that shouldn’t change your effort, the way you play defensively, like I said your overall effort.” – De’Aaron Fox

  22. I want to be my own person. But to become great you’ve got to do what great players are doing. I try to take bits and pieces out of all the great guard’s games.” – De’Aaron Fox

  23. The game has changed. Guys are so athletic and so strong, it’s going to be tough if you can’t match that physicality.” – De’Aaron Fox

  24. Shooting the ball with confidence every time. Shooting the ball like every shot is going to go in.” – De’Aaron Fox

  25. If you can stay on the ground as long as possible and still be fast, you can do it for a long time.” – De’Aaron Fox

  26. The whole game is always about rhythm.” – De’Aaron Fox

  27. Continuing to get better at manipulating the game and passing the ball, I think that goes hand in hand.” – De’Aaron Fox

  28. You usually see a lot of guys who were top-tier in high school and kind of fall off when they get to the NBA, but for myself I think I just stayed hungry. I kept wanting to get better.” – De’Aaron Fox

  29. I always say the least I could do is go out there and have confidence in myself.” – De’Aaron Fox

  30. I just try to shoot every shot with confidence.” – De’Aaron Fox



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