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Player name: Justin Jefferson, NFL player

American football wide receiver Justin Jefferson was born in 1999. He attended Louisiana State University where he played collegiate football before being selected by the Vikings in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Justin Jefferson won the NFC Offensive Player of the Month award for the first time in his career in 2021 after rushing for 464 yards and three touchdowns in four games during the month of November. 

Jefferson made a one-handed catch for 32 yards in a game against the Buffalo Bills during the 2022 season. It was universally hailed as one of the finest catches in history. He received the Offensive Player of the Year honor in the same year.

We’re sharing some inspirational quotes from famous NFL player Justin Jefferson with you in this post. Within his first few NFL seasons, Jefferson established himself as the team’s leading player and won widespread acclaim for both his competitive nature and demeanor.

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Jefferson’s views on the Hall of Fame, team camaraderie, and skepticism.

Jefferson is an ambitious person, and you can certainly see that from his below quote. It’s not only about the Hall of Fame. The amount of hard work one needs to put in, and that too for a prolonged period, is a huge challenge. Jefferson is well aware of this, and hence he has set high standards for himself.

Jefferson’s quote highlights how sharing a good bond within your group plays an important role in a team’s success. As a player, Jefferson gives preference to his team and believes that getting an opportunity to help the team in any possible manner is more important than personal milestones.

Jefferson uses any skepticism that comes his way as motivation to do even better and prove the doubters wrong. Athletes are known for their competitive spirit, and Jefferson shares this trait, which is quite evident from the quote below.


  1. I’m just living it up every single chance I can and grabbing all the things that come to me. But I mean, my main goal is to be a Hall of Famer. I won’t stop until I reach that goal.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player [quote source]
  2. I like to have fun and play football. Being there with my teammates, my brothers, that’s all I need. As long as I’m getting my little share of the ball, then I don’t see no problems.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  3. I’ve been doubted my whole career. There’s been people who never thought I was that top tier guy. So I wanted to prove other people wrong, really.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  4. In order to control everything, you just kind of got to be your own. You got to go in this time, this zone, that you have to be in, having to work out by yourself. You kind of have to be in right now.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player


Jefferson on dealing with setbacks, the importance of self-belief, and competitiveness.

Justin Jefferson is well known for his fierce and competitive nature on the field, something that reflects in his quotes below. According to Jefferson, setbacks are part of the lives of all those who strive to achieve something. What truly matters is your ability to keep pushing forward. In his quotes below, Jefferson also touches upon the value of self-belief. As an athlete, one must show confidence in their own skills. When Jefferson says, “I hate losing,” it simply shows his quest for winning the big moments. He aims for bigger goals.

Finally, Jefferson’s quote about having the ability to be versatile as an athlete is great advice for young athletes. As a football player, one must possess multiple skills along with focusing on their main skill.


  1. Everything’s not going to go the way you want it, but the great ones find a way to bounce back.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  2. I’ve always been a confident player. I’ve always played with a certain amount of swagger. I’ve always trusted in my abilities. I knew that I would go out there and take what I could get.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  3. I hate losing, I’m a competitive person and I’ll be satisfied once we win the big goal.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  4. You might be good at one thing more than others, but you have to focus on being good at more than one thing.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player


Handling high-pressure situations, accountability, and responsibility.

Playing in the playoffs is a high-pressure situation for many athletes. But players with a champion mindset, like Jefferson, look forward to these kinds of tough situations. During his early days, Jefferson experienced his share of criticism, but the way he answered those criticisms is evident for everyone to see.

In one of his quotes, Jefferson says, “Everything I say, I stood on it.” This shows that Jefferson takes accountability for his actions and performs his job with responsibility. Jefferson is a committed football player who backs it up with a great work ethic.


  1. I live for these type of [playoff] games, I love the big moments.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  2. They tried to tell me I wasn’t good enough for the NFL… Now they calling me a goat for giving them fantasy points.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  3. I always got to have that mindset that nobody can guard me.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  4. What motivates me? I love the game of football. But also, my brothers not being able to live the same dream I have of being in the NFL and being a top pick. I want to let them live through me.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  5. Handle business like I’m posed to, Everything I say I stood on it.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player


Self-awareness, gratitude, and the drive for excellence.

When Jefferson says, “I’m my own person,” it shows that he is a self-aware individual. As an athlete, or in general as a person, staying aware of where you are in your journey is important. It helps you stay focused on your path.

In the quotes below, Jefferson also talks about gratitude. Having gratitude in life makes the journey fruitful. In his numerous interviews and interactions, Jefferson has expressed appreciation for all the people who have helped him reach the stage he is at now.

What makes athletes like Justin Jefferson champion players is their relentless drive for excellence. Jefferson advises young athletes to make every play count. Consistent effort is what is demanded from champions every time.


  1. I’m my own person. My journey is different. I’m going to be the one who’s going to control how my journey is. I’m here to play football. When I’m in that facility I’m all about football. There’s no diva. There’s no cockiness.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  2. I’ve been in the right places at the right time, had the right coaches and teammates … I’ve been blessed, honestly, for my whole career. But I have to keep paving my way.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  3. You have to make every play if you want to be the best, and you can’t ever let up.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  4. I like the bright lights. The whole world is watching. That’s the only game on, and I definitely like those big-time games, because that’s when you see who are the big-time players.” – Justin Jefferson quote about playing prime time games


Importance of strategic thinking, adaptability and continuous improvement.

The quotes below from Jefferson discuss how thinking strategically helps athletes in the long run and why it is important for an athlete to be adaptable to playing conditions. Continuous skill improvement and upgrading are necessary.

Jefferson believes that when things are not going as planned on the field, one must adapt to the situation and find different ways to tackle it. Early in his career, Jefferson became a prominent player, and his ability to adapt and help his team out of tough situations played a crucial role in this achievement.

Jefferson is a dedicated athlete who strives for continuous refinement, and this quality is essential for making significant progress toward your goals in life.


  1. The big games, the big moments, when people are looking for you to make a play, that’s what I like the most.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  2. If things are not working out the way we planned, then we need to find a way to adjust and go toward something that will work better for us. We just can’t continue to keep doing the same thing throughout the game even though it’s not working.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  3. I just got to keep going. I just got t0 find ways to better myself and keep going.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player


Passion for the game and the importance of physical preparation.

The following quotes highlight some of the qualities an athlete should develop, such as self-improvement and continuous improvement, which were discussed in the above paragraphs of this post. 

In addition to these, one key element that Jefferson focuses on is physical preparation. Jefferson spends substantial time improving his core strength. His dedication to physical preparation enables him to perform at the level of athleticism expected from a professional athlete.


  1. I feel like I want to get better at every category. Just get my hands better, route running, getting more explosive, getting faster. There are so many more things that I feel I’m a little bit weaker at my game.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  2. We have to continue to get better. We have to eliminate mistake and not beat ourselves. If we do that every week, there’s no reason we can’t reach all of our goals.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  3. Loving the game of football is something I discovered early. When it’s game time, I play with a level of passion that can’t be matched.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  4. I tend to spend a lot of time doing core work. That’s the only way that I’m able to twist and bend and flip and make all these catches in the way that I do.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player


Team-first mentality, social responsibility and prioritizing the sport over monetary gains.

These quotes from Jefferson give us insight into his overall mindset. Jefferson is a selfless football player who is more focused on the team’s success and does not mind if he is scoring or not, as long as the team is benefiting. 

As a professional athlete and part of one of the biggest sports leagues in the country, it is crucial for sportsmen to be aware of their social responsibility. Jefferson, in his quote, mentions how he looks forward to every opportunity where he can contribute to the welfare of his community and make society a better place. This desire to work towards the betterment of people shows Jefferson’s selfless character. 

When Jefferson says in his quote, “I’m not really too fond of money…” it shows that Jefferson’s intrinsic motivation is not driven by monetary or materialistic gains. What motivates him is creating a legacy for himself and being remembered as the best receiver to have played the game.


  1. Me seeing the ball in the air, I was like, ‘Aw, man.’ But then seeing K.J. score, I was like ‘OK – cool.’ It’s all good, as long as we scored, as long as we have it won, it’s all good.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  2. I’m also learning how to better my community and find ways to better somebody else’s life, apart from my own.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  3. I will always continue to be myself. I will always continue to play the game the way I know how to play it. And I will always give my all out there on that field.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player
  4. I’m not really too fond of money, I’m really just trying to get the goal of being the best receiver…  just being one of the best receivers in other people’s eyes.” – Justin Jefferson, NFL player



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