41 Inspirational Quotes From Sam Kerr [Soccer Player]

Player name: Samantha Kerr, Australian soccer player

Samantha Kerr is an Australian professional soccer player who was born in September 1993. Kerr was born in East Fremantle, a Perth suburb in Western Australia. She has played forward for Chelsea as well as for Australia’s women’s national team, known as the Matildas. Kerr won her first senior international cap at the age of 15 in 2009.

Roger Alan Kerr, Samantha Kerr’s father, is a former Australian Rules football player and coach. Samantha Kerr began playing football as a junior with the Western Knights in Mosman Park. Kerr signed a two-and-a-half year contract with Chelsea during the 2019–20 season. Kerr was nominated for Australia’s 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup squad at the age of 17. Kerr was selected Matildas captain for the first time in 2019.

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  1. Disappointment and setbacks don’t just happen on the sports field; they happen in life. There’s an element of rolling with the punches and that’s very much how I am.” – Sam Kerr

  2. The key is to just keep going. It’s about having the resilience and perspective that not everything will go your way but this doesn’t mean it’s catastrophic.” – Sam Kerr

  3. Some people will love you and some people will hate you no matter what, especially now with social media. You’re never going to please everyone.” – Sam Kerr

  4. You can’t think about losing, ever. That’s the number one sin of a footballer. If you think about that, it’s going to happen.” – Sam Kerr

  5. I only think about the good things, the celebration. Once you start thinking negative thoughts, that’s the only way you’re going to go. I visualise scoring a goal, the celebrations, seeing my family after the game, all the things that make me play football and be a footballer.” – Sam Kerr

  6. I love the pressure, I love the big games, I love being able to have a moment in the palm of your hands and be able to do something great.” – Sam Kerr

  7. I have always liked those players that have just been entertainers. I love the big-time players. I love LeBron James, Serena Williams, those players that are consistently at the top of their game.” – Sam Kerr

  8. I want to be someone that is entertaining, that’s fun, that scores goals, does good celebrations.” – Sam Kerr

  9. I don’t think I’m cooler than anyone or better than anyone because I’m on FIFA. I just see myself as one of them.” – Sam Kerr

  10. No one is bigger than the team, you win together, and you can certainly lose together.” – Sam Kerr

  11. The best thing about being a kid is being able to dream big and I don’t think you really know what it takes. For me it was always to be one of the best players in the world.” – Sam Kerr

  12. As a footballer you’ve never really feel like you’ve done enough, but I think lifting trophies is what makes you feel the most complete.” – Sam Kerr

  13. My advice to young kids is that the team is always most important. Without your team you can’t achieve anything. So individual awards will come if you’re a good team player.” – Sam Kerr

  14. It’s so true that you can’t win anything if the locker room is off. I think you see it through all football, men’s and women’s, once the changing room’s lost it’s a bad thing. So for me, being a good team player is the most important thing.” – Sam Kerr

  15. Leading by actions is the most important thing for me, I’m all about that.” – Sam Kerr

  16. I take things as they are and try not to look too deep at what I’m doing. Just having that mindset has helped me stay very level headed and relaxed.” – Sam Kerr

  17. Everyone should feel comfortable in whatever skin they’re in, whoever they want to be, whoever they want to love.” – Sam Kerr

  18. If I’m known for anything at the end of my career, I’d rather be known as a better person than a better footballer.” – Sam Kerr

  19. When I miss a really big chance in a really big game, I do think about it. I feel really guilty and I put a lot of blame on myself. Those are the moments that normally make me who I am as a player. I hate losing more than I like winning” – Sam Kerr

  20. I’m a risk-taker. I just do what I feel, whether it’s right or wrong, and I’m very strong-willed, very stubborn.” – Sam Kerr

  21. That’s why I play football. That’s why I do what I do every day. That’s why I sacrifice so much, to win a World Cup.” – Sam Kerr

  22. for me that’s the biggest sacrifice — I don’t mind missing parties and being home, but it’s those moments when you think, ‘Oh, is this all worth it?’ because you’re giving up things that you can never get back.” – Sam Kerr

  23. My advice to others is to start the day knowing what you want to achieve, get moving and get it done.” – Sam Kerr

  24. I do come across as a very relaxed, playful person, but when I’m trying to perform it’s very serious, and I’m very stubborn in my performance and what I do.” – Sam Kerr

  25. I just have belief in myself honestly. Just lots of confidence that in the 90th minute or whenever it is, that the team will give me the ball and rely on me. Knowing that my team trust me gives me loads of confidence. I love those big moments – that’s what I live for as a footballer.” – Sam Kerr

  26. Going to the final and losing – I kind of got the taste for it. Now that’s the main goal: to win. It means even more now than it did when I first came.” – Sam Kerr

  27. Some people think football is just rock up on the day and see how it goes but I train and I train a lot and I train  my mind, I train my body, I train everything to be there in those big moments.” – Sam Kerr

  28. You always have highs and lows in football. But the only thing I can really say is just the process and the people around me that have helped me get to where I am.” – Sam Kerr

  29. All my role models have been people that have really affected me off the pitch more than on the pitch. And I’ve found when someone’s really powerful off the pitch, they bring people with them, they bring the team, they bring the country with them..” – Sam Kerr

  30. When I’m playing as a lone striker, I worry that my teammates can feel a pressure to play a certain way. They might feel like they always have to give me the ball. I just want them to feel relaxed around me. I’m just like any other girl.” – Sam Kerr

  31. I get mad when other teams say that they’re going to try and shut me down. It’s disrespectful to my teammates. If that’s the way they want to play it, I’ll stand in the corner and they can mark me there. My teammates can carry on playing and score all the goals.” – Sam Kerr

  32. I’d be lying if I said I don’t expect myself to score every game but I know that’s not a goal I can achieve. It’s not possible. So it’s about finding that balance of being OK with my game even when I don’t score.” – Sam Kerr

  33. Basic skills are still what I turn to now when I’m having a good game or a bad game.” – Sam Kerr

  34. My motto ever since I was a kid has been to do what makes me happy. My mum and dad always allowed me to do whatever made me happy, and that has had a big influence on me, on and off the field.” – Sam Kerr

  35. Sometimes I also might get stressed at things I should be doing. But now I ask myself, If it’s not going to make me happy, why would I do it? It’s tough to make those decisions and it sounds selfish but if it’s not good for my soul, I know I shouldn’t do it.” – Sam Kerr

  36. Always just believe in yourself. Be the best version of yourself and always be proud of who you are.” – Sam Kerr

  37. If you just focus on yourself and always believe in yourself you can go as far as you want.” – Sam Kerr

  38. I want to change the mindset of young girls and boys growing up in Australia, to show them they can be the best in the world.” – Sam Kerr

  39. I love the feeling of being able to do something great and have everyone on the edge of their seats. I think some people shy away from it, but I’m either go hard or go home, all the time, so I would rather lose big than kind of fall over the line.” – Sam Kerr

  40. I hope people can take away from my experience that they don’t have to fit into a certain box to make it; they can be themselves and make it and that be OK.” – Sam Kerr

  41. I just have the mentality of getting better every day. I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied as an athlete. But at the end of the day, I just want to keep working on who I am as a player, who I am as a person and get better in every aspect. And of course, win lots of trophies and score lots of goals.” – Sam Kerr



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