Inspiring Bijan Robinson Quotes: 16 Quotes on Hard Work and Being Multiskilled

Name: Bijan Robinson, NFL Player

Position: Running back

NFL Debut: Atlanta Falcons (2023)

Birth Year: 2002

College Football: Texas Longhorns football


NFL player Bijan Robinson is a talented and multi-skilled running back who was selected in the 2023 NFL draft as the 8th overall pick. Robinson is well known for his incredible speed and athleticism. He gained recognition for his talent during his college football days. During his college career, he earned many accolades, including the Doak Walker Award for the best running back.

During his three remarkable years with the Texas Longhorns football team, he rushed for a total of 3,410 yards and accumulated 805 receiving yards and 8 touchdowns.

In his NFL debut, Robinson made a great impression, earning praise from team members and fans in a very short period of time. Along with his athleticism, Robinson’s versatility and focus on being a multi-skilled athlete are standout qualities of his as an athlete.


Bijan Robinson Quotes about hard work

Bijan Robinson quotes on the importance of being multiskilled

Robinson’ Quotes on the Importance of a Selfless, Positive Attitude


Bijan Robinson Quotes about hard work.

Robinson’s physical stature, coupled with his athleticism, tells us that he is a hardworking athlete. Through the quotes below, you can learn more about his approach to the game and his urge to constantly hone his existing skills while also learning new ones to stay relevant in competitive sports like American football. 

  1. When you build the foundation and show that you’re a competitor and just love the game, then everything else will take care of itself.” – Bijan Robinson

Context and Message Behind the Quote:

The above quote from Robinson is from the period of his impending NFL debut. This quote reflects his approach to preparing for his professional career. Transitioning from college football to the NFL is a big shift for any player, but if your foundation is strong and you have strong willpower, the transition becomes smoother.  


  1. You can’t get comfortable. Never get comfortable with anything in this league. Any games. Any situations. I always keep my drive and never lose it throughout games.” – Bijan Robinson
  2. Every game, you have to take it as a new game. Just because you might have done something great one game, it’s a totally different game coming up next.” – Bijan Robinson

Context and Message Behind the Quote: 

Both quotes from Robinson are from the early days of his NFL career. According to him, during this phase of one’s career, one should not relax and must keep working consistently. One good game doesn’t guarantee anything. It is the consistent performance over a considerable period that provides career longevity. Robinson’s awareness of this aspect is quite evident in these quotes.


  1. I’m a guy who doesn’t look ahead. Knowing where my feet are and knowing what I have to do today, and if I don’t make it happen today, I’ll have an opportunity tomorrow.” – Bijan Robinson  (Reference:

Context and Message Behind the Quote:

Robinson’s quote highlights the importance of staying in the present moment and maintaining a balanced mindset during both favorable and adverse situations in life. Robinson refuses to get too excited by the successes he achieves on the field and doesn’t get bogged down by failures, as he believes there is always a new day and scope for a new start.


  1. People are telling me like they are picking me number one. I’m like, thank you, but I gotta prove everything first.” – Bijan Robinson

Context and Message Behind the Quote:

Bijan Robinson became a fan favorite in a very short period of time and found a place in fans’ fantasy teams as well. In the above quote, Robinson acknowledges and appreciates the support that fans show him, but in his view, he has plenty to prove and will keep working towards that goal.


  1. I just do whatever it takes. All I’m trying to do is just make this team better every single day.” – Bijan Robinson


Robinson’s quotes on the importance of being multiskilled.

Bijan Robinson emphasizes that a football player, especially one who plays a position such as running back, should possess multiple skills in order to help the team in various game situations. The quotes below reflect this very mindset of Robinson. These quotes from Robinson all address a much-needed quality that athletes often work on: versatility.


  1. When you do get comfortable as a running back, start finding your way, start understanding the blocks before they even happen, second and third level reads, the game does slow down, you need to play however you want, comfortable, the best way.” – Bijan Robinson

Context and Message Behind the Quote:

This quote from Robinson was given in response to a question during the Valero Alamo Bowl Championship in 2020, regarding his elevated confidence in running and his evaluation of his performance in the championship.


  1. You can line me up in the slot, you can line me up at receiver, at running back, and I’ll be just as effective.” – Bijan Robinson  (Reference: GQ)

Context and Message Behind the Quote:

Bijan Robinson said this in his reply to a question about the decreasing value of running backs in the draft during an interview with a sports media site in 2023. Robinson argued that using a running back in more than one role can certainly bring them into the play, making the overall gameplay dynamic.


  1. For me, I do whatever it takes to get the win. This running back room is committed to being the best. I want to do what’s best for this offense; I do whatever it takes.” – Bijan Robinson

Context and Message Behind the Quote:

Football coach Rahim Morris, who became the Atlanta Falcons’ head coach in 2024, has spoken highly of Bijan Robinson. This quote from Robinson refers to his response to his coach’s desire to play him in as many games as possible and give him more game time. Robinson is an athlete who has prepared himself for any situation that his team and coaches think he is capable of handling. 


  1. When you’re truly a positionless player, then you’re the most effective player on the field.” – Bijan Robinson

Context and Message Behind the Quote: 

This quote reflects that Robinson is well aware that you cannot rely on just one skill. Robinson is a brilliant player when it comes to running, but he also focuses on improving his other skills, such as blocking and catching.


  1. I know I line up in a lot of spots, and wherever I’m at, I have to (give) 100% for my teammates so they can count on me to do something great with the ball.” – Bijan Robinson

Context and Message Behind the Quote: 

Robinson’s selfless mindset and his focus on the team’s interests are clearly visible in the above quote.


Bijan Robinson Quotes on the Importance of a Selfless, Positive Attitude.

The quotes in this section show us the selfless nature of Bijan Robinson, not only as an athlete but also as an individual. From these quotes, we can easily assess that he gives preference to his team’s interests over his own. He believes that maintaining a positive attitude and selfless nature goes a long way in a player’s success. Robinson’s attitude is more about doing the right things and less about complaining. Contributing to his team’s success has remained his priority not only in the NFL but also during his college football days.


  1. Everything comes with good people and a smile.” – Bijan Robinson

Context and Message Behind the Quote:

This quote is Robinson’s message to his followers, encouraging everyone to maintain an optimistic outlook in life and approach various situations with a smile.


  1. There’s always someone trying to tell you what you want to hear. When it comes to how I play, I try to let it loose and not talk about it.” – Bijan Robinson

Context and Message Behind the Quote:

“In professional sports, when you perform well as an athlete, it attracts a lot of attention and appreciation from everyone involved. Robinson said this in the context of staying grounded and not getting distracted by either praise or criticism.    


  1. I just try to do as much as I can, do my job. I don’t complain about not getting the touches or anything. I try to work as hard as I can, get blocks, go without the football, whatever circumstance happens, it just happens that way.” – Bijan Robinson

Context and Message Behind the Quote: 

Before any NFL game, every team and its coaches strategize a plan that they expect the players will stick to. Robinson’s quote is in response to a question about why, even after a strong start in the game, he didn’t get touches for a considerable time due to the team’s specific game plan. Robinson explained that he tries to adhere to the actual game plan laid out by the team’s think tank and strives to do the best of his ability within whatever scope he has during any phase of the game.    


  1. Just be enamored with the team because that’s what’s going to get us over the top and over that hump.” – Bijan Robinson

Context and Message Behind the Quote:

This quote aligns well with the one above, where Robinson emphasizes that no matter what situation arises, teamwork and keeping your goals aligned with the team’s should be the priority for every athlete. 


  1. As long as I can show what I can do for this team and how much I can help this team, if it benefits other guys who are coming up behind me, that’s a blessing right there.” – Bijan Robinson  (Reference: NY Times)

Context and Message Behind the Quote:

The context of this quote revolves around a question asked to Robinson in an early NFL interview about his transition to the league, his views on fan and team expectations, and the pressure related to these factors. Robinson’s team-first approach is clearly evident in this quote, highlighting a quality of his that is emphasized once again.


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