Top 41 Soccer Player Raheem Sterling Inspirational Quotes About Football, Life and Belief

Player name: Raheem Sterling, English soccer player.

Raheem Sterling is a Premier League footballer who can play as both an attacking midfielder and a winger. Sterling, who was born in Jamaica to Jamaican parents, went to London when he was five years old. Raheem played for the “Queens Park Rangers Football Club” from 2003 to 2010. On September 15, 2011, his club overcame “Sunderland,” and he got his first Man of the Match award. He received the Golden Boy Award in 2014.

We’ve put together a compilation of several of the most inspiring quotes from famous soccer player Raheem Sterling in this post.

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  1. You are the creator of your own success.” – Raheem Sterling

  2. Fear is what stops you, courage is what keeps you going.” – Raheem Sterling

  3. To win things, you have to have that mentality from day one.” – Raheem Sterling

  4. All it takes is your breath, a little focus, and an appreciation of being in the present. Your mental health is your most important asset.” – Raheem Sterling

  5. We only get one mind. Makes sense to look after it.” – Raheem Sterling

  6. I am thankful for the ups and the downs. As it’s the downs that have, at times, tested my strength and resolve, and enabled me to stand here in front of you as the best possible version of myself.” – Raheem Sterling

  7. Beating the odds has been a part of my story. Why would this year be any different?.” – Raheem Sterling

  8. Never in my wildest imagination as a young player coming through did I think I could captain England one day. That comes with maturity and just seeing that in you. The passion and love I have for the country.” – Raheem Sterling

  9. You can spend a lifetime waiting for others to do the right thing. Or you can rise without fear to every challenge, unite those around you, and embark on a journey together.” – Raheem Sterling

  10. Never forget the journey.” – Raheem Sterling

  11. If you want to see change, let it start with you.” – Raheem Sterling

  12. When it comes to really big games, I try to get myself in the mindset of how I’m going to affect the game – and the more I don’t think about the game and go about my everyday life the better, to try to block the noise out.” – Raheem Sterling

  13. What’s made me the person I am today is all the setbacks I’ve had.” – Raheem Sterling

  14. Never forget where it started.” – Raheem Sterling

  15. You can’t do this, you can’t do that, you’re not good enough – those sort of things always drive me.” – Raheem Sterling

  16. You breathe. You focus. Everything else fades.” – Raheem Sterling

  17. It takes a lot for me to get very discouraged.’ The source of that resilience is his childhood. ‘It comes from being told never to be soft.” – Raheem Sterling

  18. My mum hammered that into me: never let anyone talk to you a certain way.” – Raheem Sterling

  19. Football is the most important thing in my life and it has made me who I am today.” – Raheem Sterlin

  20. No matter what someone says, what someone believes, keep trying.” – Raheem Sterling

  21. It’s important to be kind to yourself and make sure you know you’re human at the end of the day.” – Raheem Sterling

  22. Meditation is a great practice – once I learnt how to train the mind, I had the power over my mind, not vice-versa, which was a game-changer.” – Raheem Sterling

  23. A lot of scientists, the cleverest people in the world tell you that there has to be a creator. And they need answers, but you just have to sometimes accept that it’s bigger than you and you have to leave it at that.” – Raheem Sterling

  24. Every setback is a setup for a comeback. God wants to bring you out better than you were before.” – Raheem Sterling

  25. Walk boldly through the doors God opens for you, and don’t become discouraged when He closes one.” – Raheem Sterling

  26. Remember someone else is praying for the things you take for granted.” – Raheem Sterling

  27. Your parents grow you up to understand right from wrong. Every moment in your life you do something, you know if it’s right or wrong. You don’t need a book; you don’t need a religion to tell you something.” – Raheem Sterling

  28. Sometimes you’re sat at home and complaining about your Sky or internet not working and you realise there are people out there in a far worse predicament than you are.” – Raheem Sterling

  29. There are moments now that even when I’m going through something really bad, I just feel that it’s not the worst because there are people that are dying pretty much every day and can’t do anything about it.” – Raheem Sterling

  30. When you’re young, you don’t really want to upset anyone. You don’t want any more noise than you’re already getting, so you bite your tongue and leave it. But if you have something you feel strongly about, then no matter what position you’re in, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have that right to speak.” – Raheem Sterling

  31. I don’t live my life to please people. Once upon a time I would do certain things to change the perception of me. But in the end people will see the real me and accept the real me. What happens in between now and then is just what happens.” – Raheem Sterling

  32. If you grew up the same way I grew up, don’t listen to what certain tabloids want to tell you. They just want to steal your joy. They just want to pull you down.” – Raheem Sterling

  33. I grew up in the shadow of my dream.” – Raheem Sterling

  34. I just tried to build myself up and be confident in myself and try to prove people wrong. That’s a big part of me, trying to prove people wrong. I thrive off that. If someone says I can’t, I say, ‘I can.’ I keep trying to do better.” – Raheem Sterling

  35. I’m a person that’s always willing to learn and always wanting to get better. So you just have to keep going and keep believing.” – Raheem Sterling

  36. Just scoring goals ain’t enough, it’s about scoring goals to win the biggest competitions.” – Raheem Sterling

  37. I don’t expect to get good praise. If you are expecting that it’s a bed of roses and then you get negativity you are going to crumble, but I expect the worst and then the good after that.” – Raheem Sterling

  38. Dribbling isn’t just about beating players; it’s about carrying the ball into dangerous areas.” – Raheem Sterling

  39. Keeping your head up is one of the most important things to remember when dribbling.” – Raheem Sterling

  40. The one thing you don’t want your brain to do as a human being, not just a football player is to overthink and be doing the most when you don’t really need to be doing that..” – Raheem Sterling

  41. Frustration should not result in negative comments on skin colour.” – Raheem Sterling



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