46 Inspirational Quotes from Soccer Player Harry Kane

Player name: Harry Kane, English soccer player.

Harry Kane was raised in Walthamstow, North London, and was born on July 28, 1993. He began his football career with Ridgeway Rovers before switching to the “Arsenal” junior academy. At the age of 16, he was promoted to the senior team. He took the helm of his nation for the first time in a World Cup qualification game against Scotland in June 2017.

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  1. If you don’t believe in yourself, not many others will. Work hard and believe in yourself and you will go as far as your body will take you.” – Harry Kane

  2. Hard work will always override instinct.” – Harry Kane

  3. Players who may not technically be as good as others, but at a younger age they work harder, train harder and they get to a higher level because of that.” – Harry Kane

  4. There was self-doubt but I didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. I kept repeating to myself ‘we go again and work even harder’.” – Harry Kane

  5. I’ve got to where I am by working hard. But now I have to work even harder to stay here because there’s that next person who wants to take my position.” – Harry Kane

  6. Life never hands it to you, does it? You’ve gotta grab it.” – Harry Kane

  7. That’s my mindset: someone is always trying to be better than me, so I’ve got to make sure I work harder than anyone else.” – Harry Kane

  8. Self-belief is a big thing. If you don’t believe in yourself, then not many other people are going to believe in you.” – Harry Kane

  9. You come up against challenges in life and it’s how you deal with them that defines you.” – Harry Kane

  10. There will always be ups and downs, but as long as you know you have got what takes to make it, you should be able to do it.” – Harry Kane

  11. Hard work and self-belief have been two very important things for me along the way.” – Harry Kane

  12. When people doubt you, you have to use it to your advantage. It’s up to you to prove them wrong.” – Harry Kane

  13. We all work hard, and there is a lot of strain involved, but as long as you focus on showing what you can do, you can achieve exactly what you want to.” – Harry Kane

  14. I’ve scored 49 in my first seven years, then there’s no reason why I can’t do similar in the next six or seven.” – Harry Kane

  15. ‘I have been in high pressure situations before in my career, whether that is going through goal droughts, playing in high-pressure games or not playing well as a team. It is something I will take in my stride and improve on..” – Harry Kane

  16. If you are patient in a moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.” – Harry Kane

  17. I try and be the best person I can be and that’s all I can do.” – Harry Kane

  18. The best thing my parents taught me was… to work hard and that has always stuck with me and been my motto in life.” – Harry Kane

  19. I have to work even harder than this year and the years before to keep getting better and better.” – Harry Kane

  20. In a game, you never know what chance you’re going to get, so I try and cover all bases and make sure I’m ready for that chance when it comes.” – Harry Kane

  21. I want to learn more, help normalise conversations around mental health, promote positive habits that support mental wellbeing and tackle the stigma surrounding the subject.” – Harry Kane

  22. Sometimes when you concede, you can try so hard to get a goal back that you concede a second or third – which kills the game. If we stay calm we’re more likely to get back into it” – Harry Kane

  23. I had setbacks, plenty of them, but I always had belief that I was going to get to where I wanted to be.” – Harry Kane

  24. There are blips in any career, but that is part of football and it is how you deal with it, it’s about how you can move forward.” – Harry Kane

  25. Beckham was a big inspiration to me growing up. ” – Harry Kane

  26. Beckham was obviously a world-class player who has done a lot for this game and a lot for this country. He was a big role model for me.” – Harry Kane

  27. I was determined to prove I was good enough. I knew my chance was going to come.” – Harry Kane

  28. It is hard to get to be playing in the Premier League—but it is even more difficult to maintain that and stay at the top level when people are trying to get your place or work out your game to stop you.” – Harry Kane

  29. To be the best I can be and not to let myself and my family down. I try to keep a level head.” – Harry Kane

  30. You have to enjoy your football, and if you are not smiling, you won’t be playing that well. But also when it comes to competition—you want to win.” – Harry Kane

  31. I’m a winner, and that’s the case no matter what I’m doing.” – Harry Kane

  32. Every now and then you may have a moment to realise how far you’ve come but I’m always someone who likes to look forward.” – Harry Kane

  33. Sport is a great way for kids to make new friends and stay fit and healthy. Although it is important, it should be all about enjoyment early on. They shouldn’t be introduced to it with a view to it becoming a profession.” – Harry Kane

  34. Go again and work even harder.” – Harry Kane

  35. There are going to be knocks along the way but it’s about how you cope with that – keep working and keep moving forward.” – Harry Kane

  36. My personality is to prove, not just people wrong, but to myself that I can be the best that I know I can be.” – Harry Kane

  37. If I keep doing what I’m doing, progressing the way I want, then one day I would be able to make it to the top.” – Harry Kane

  38. You’ve just got to the ready. Just be ready for your opportunity.” – Harry Kane

  39. I am confident in my ability, as I always have been, and that I will be capable of maintaining my form, if not improving, year in, year out.” – Harry Kane

  40. All goalscorers go on droughts. It is how you cope with that. And it is not just about scoring, it is about what you bring to the team, bringing others into play and getting assists.” – Harry Kane

  41. You always train harder and play better when there is someone trying to get your place.” – Harry Kane

  42. When times are down, keep believing, keep working hard, and things will pick up.” – Harry Kane

  43. Money is a bonus of the job, but it doesn’t always make you happy.” – Harry Kane

  44. All we can do is keep fighting until the end.” – Harry Kane

  45. One thing that did inspire me growing up was actually a Tom Brady documentary.” – Harry Kane

  46. In football, you will have highs and lows, and there will be times you have to dust yourself down, work hard and get on with things, and there are also times where things go your way and everyone is happy. It’s important to stay in that mindset of continuing to improve.” – Harry Kane



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