52 American Football Mindset Quotes from NFL Players and Coaches

This post contains some really inspiring quotes about mindset (mentality) from American football players. Most athletes in any sport have similar skill sets, but it is mindset that differentiates them. An athlete’s performance is directly affected by his or her mindset. Losing is something that most athletes dislike. How an athlete reacts to losing and his mindset in dealing with it is extremely important to his progress in the game. In the world of sports, having a positive mindset is crucial.

The quotes below emphasize this as well. In a difficult sport like American football, having a positive mindset (mentality) even in the face of adversity is critical.

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Russell Wilson Mindset Quotes

  1. Your positive mindset gives you a more hopeful outlook, and belief that you can do something great means you will do something great. Russell Wilson, American football quarterback

  2. I look forward to the challenge. I look forward to the next day. I look forward to the next game. That’s where my mindset is. Russell Wilson, American football quarterback

  3. I’m always going to get up. I’m always going to get up, and I’m always going to keep swinging. And that’s just my mentality. Russell Wilson, American football quarterback

  4. In the midst of the highs and the lows, your mindset, your character, your integrity, how you play the game and how you respect the game should never change. You just continue to try and elevate in the midst of it all. Russell Wilson, American football quarterback


Quotes about mindset from NFL players and coaches

  1. Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference. Robert Griffin III, American football quarterback

  2. We play to win. When you don’t win, it feels like the soul gets ripped out of you, but that’s part of the competition. That’s part of being the man in the arena. Tom Brady, American football quarterback

  3. Losing is hard for all of us, but I’d rather lose and play than not play at all. Tom Brady, American football quarterback

  4. There’s always room for improvement. That’s my mindset. Aaron Donald, American football player

  5. You have to wake up every day and look in the mirror, and you want to be proud of the person who’s looking back at you. Aaron Rodgers, American football quarterback

  6. My mindset is continue to be great regardless of what they do to try to stop me. Davante Adams, football wide receiver

  7. If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it. Ronnie Lott, American football player

  8. Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I will do what others can’t. Jerry Rice, American football player

  9. Winners, I am convinced, imagine their dreams first. They want it with all their heart and expect it to come true. There is, I believe, no other way to live. Joe Montana,  American football player

  10. Approach each day with the same mindset that your opportunity can come within a blink of an eye. Teddy Bridgewater, American football quarterback

  11. My mindset: Run through people, but have a good time doing it. George Kittle, football tight end

  12. Nothing is given to you. Everything is earned. You have to have that mindset that you have to work every single day. Learn every single day. Saquon Barkley, football running back

  13. To win a championship, you need an unselfish mindset. Mark Schlereth, American football player

  14. Throughout your career in any professional sport, you’re going to go through some type of adversity. What gets you through that type of adversity is the mindset. Jimmie Ward, American football player

  15. I’ve never been satisfied with anything. That’s just my mindset. I’m always trying to find a better way to do things. Lane Kiffin, American football coach

  16. When you play offense, with your mindset, the defense isn’t a factor. When your timing and rhythm is in tune they can’t stop you. Mike McCarthy, American football coach

  17. When you play with emotion, you get a shot. It helps you overcome mistakes. It keeps your mindset positive. And one thing about football, you can teach plays. You can teach technique. You can’t teach emotion. Herman Edwards, American football coach

  18. It doesn’t really matter about the age, it’s about what you put into it and your mindset. Everybody kind of takes numbers and assumes this is when it’s supposed to end. Larry Fitzgerald Jr, American football player

  19. Don’t force it, just one play at a time and stay confident and keep your mindset right. Frank Reich, American football coach

  20. Your mindset should always be internally driven, in that every day, every practice, every rep is a championship play. You have to approach it that way and the opponent is just secondary. Robert Saleh, American football coach

  21. You’ve got to change your mindset on hoping and wishing bad things don’t happen to going out there and knowing that you’re going to execute no matter what happens. Antonio Smith, football defensive end

  22. Your mentality in this league is when you get your opportunity to play, you never give that guy his job back. That has to be your mentality. Brock Osweiler, American football quarterback

  23. You may understand that your technique and certain things like that might not be there, but your effort and your mentality and your aggressiveness have to be there regardless. Barry Cofield, football defensive tackle

  24. If you always challenge yourself and push yourself that way as a team, it keeps your mindset on the things that are important. Derek Carr, American football quarterback

  25. You’ve got to have that mindset that no matter how hard practice gets or how rough life gets for you, especially in the league when you first get here. You’ve just got to have that mindset that you can push yourself through anything and that anything is possible for you. Daviyon Nixon, American football player

  26. Whether you hit a rough stretch at the beginning, the middle, or the end, whatever it is, your mindset and your attitude and your approach, what you do when you walk in the building every day, it’s important. Josh McDaniels, American football coach

  27. My mindset is just embrace it, treat every moment special and make each moment count. Calais Campbell, football defensive en

  28. The mindset is one game at a time. That’s the only thing that matters. Maurice Jones-Drew, football running back

  29. If your mindset is, Everything that I’m doing is to protect the man on my right and left, whether in combat or the field, it’s going to lead to a more successful team effort. Nate Boyer, American football player

  30. The mindset is when a man goes down you never want to see it, but you have to prepare yourself as if you’re next in line. C.J. Spiller, football running back

  31. My mindset is that you work hard and try to be ready for anything. When you get that opportunity, you never let it go. How you do that is by setting yourself apart. Kurt Warner, American football quarterback

  32. My mindset is just to dominate. Mike Strachan, American football player

  33. There’s a man in front of you and you have to shut him down. That’s my mindset and that’s the mindset of the unit. La’el Collins, football offensive tackle

  34. My mindset is to just keep working on the little things and focus on the things that I can control. Saquon Barkley, football running back

  35. My mentality is about me. I have all the confidence in the world that when I’m playing my best ball there’s no one who can stop me. DeShone Kizer, American football quarterback

  36. My mentality is to go out there and play ball. I’ve never been the type to sit on the sideline, so I just go out and play ball. Deon Grant, American football safety

  37. The mindset is to continue to improve each and every day. We’ve certainly not arrived. We’ve got to build toward what we want to become. We want to become great. Edgar Bennett, American football coach

  38. My mindset is wherever they tell us to play, whenever they tell us to play, we’ll be ready to play. Matt LaFleur, American football coach

  39. My mindset is just being prepared for whatever happens. If I have to start, I have to start. Nick Luchey, American football player

  40. You should go into every game with the same mindset, whether people on the outside consider you the favorite or they don’t consider you the favorite. Chip Kelly, American football coach

  41. If your heart and your mindset are in the right spot, you never change. You keep moving forward. Chris Maragos, American football safety

  42. When you really put the substance of the being of who you are into something, you can’t be shaken no matter what the external influences are that are changing all the time. Chris Maragos, American football safety

  43. When you go into a football game not wanting to get hurt and trying not to get hurt, it doesn’t allow you to play the way that you want to play. It’s just all about your mindset and what you set out [to] do and not holding anything back. Michael Vick, American football player

  44. Why do something if you’re not going to beat guys who are the best at it and why not give something you’re all in, 100 percent?. Christian Wilkins, American football player

  45. I had nothing else on my mind but coming here and making a name for myself, and also just doing the best that I could to improve this team. That’s got to be your mindset. Matt Forte, American football player

  46. You’ve got to challenge yourself just like any other guy on the team that you’re a part of this competition. Regardless of what they’re going to say, your mindset has to be that you’re in the race to start. Matt Barkley, American football quarterback

  47. Nothing worth it is ever going to be easy. Going through all that, it’s all about your mindset and how you want to come out of it. Danny Trevathan, American football linebacker

  48. You have to step up when the opportunity presents itself. Corey Clement, football running back



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