40 Best American Football Quotes About Hard Work from American Football Players and Coaches

Looking for some inspirational American football quotes about hard work to get you through the day? We’ve compiled a compilation of the top American football quotes from professional players and coaches to inspire you and teach you the value of hard effort required to succeed in this demanding sport.

It takes a lot of hard work and devotion to reach a new level of success as an athlete or as a person in general. Hard work is what transforms an ordinary athlete into a successful athlete.

In this post, professional American football players share their words of wisdom as well as their experiences with hard work and the impact it has on their lives.

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  1. Working hard is a very sustainable trait, a part of your character. If you don’t have that, at some point, the talent does wear off. Tom Brady, American football player.

  2. Things don’t correct themselves, you’ve got to go out there and work hard to correct them. Tom Brady, American football player.

  3. All men are created equal. Some work harder in preseason. Emmitt Smith, American football player.

  4. The hardest thing to do is work hard when no one is watching. Ray Lewis, American football player.

  5. I have no magic formula. The only way I know to win is through hard work. Don Shula, American football coach.

  6. A real dream requires hard work, will cost you time and ask you to sacrifice something you care about. If you’re not willing to do and give up something, wake up and call it a want because it’s not a real dream. Deion Sanders, American football coach.

  7. Ain’t nothing wrong with hard work and there’s nothing wrong with working hard. The lazy will always lack & complain. Deion Sanders, American football coach.

  8. You work as hard as you can for as long as you can, and the small gains you make will eventually pay off. Walter Payton, American football player.

  9. If you work hard and you play well, all those critics quiet themselves pretty quickly. Peyton Manning, American football player.

  10. If you keep your goals and passion in front of you, and you work hard, you will find a way to success. John Albert Elway Jr., American football player.

  11. You set a goal to be the best and then you work hard every hour of every day, striving to reach that goal. If you allow yourself to settle for anything less than number one, you are cheating yourself.  Don Shula, American football coach.

  12. I was a devoted hard worker to my dreams. Brett Favre, American football player.

  13. I believe in working hard all the time. I have faith that working hard is going to get me where I want to go. LaDainian Tomlinson, American football player.

  14. You have to appreciate the slow grind because success is not going to happen overnight. It can happen overnight, but that’s not my journey. Davante Adams, American football player.

  15. I will be working harder than I ever have, to be the best that I ever have been. I’m more motivated now then I have ever been. Odell Beckham Jr, American football player.

  16. Nothing good comes in life or athletics unless a lot of hard work has preceded the effort. Only temporary success is achieved by taking short cuts. Roger Staubach, American football player.

  17. Sometime’s hard work pays off. Sometimes hard work is just hard work. Find a way to accept both. Cooper Kupp, American football player.

  18. Real true hard work. It can’t be denied. It can’t be stopped. – T. J. Watt, American football player.

  19. How lucky I was to have played for the Pittsburgh Steelers fans. A proud, hard-working people, who loves their football, and their players. Jack Lambert, American football player.

  20. The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. Vince Lombardi, American football coach.

  21. Just put football first, or your job first. Give everything you’ve got all week, work hard, work super-hard to take it to the next level every week. Rob Gronkowski, American football player.

  22. Football teaches you hard work. It takes a lot of unspectacular preparation to have spectacular results in both business and football. Roger Staubach, American football player.

  23. The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. Vince Lombardi, American football player.

  24. Instant success is never possible. Competence results only from sustained, consistent, self-disciplined effort over an extended period of time. Bud Wilkinson, American football coach.

  25. I’m no miracle man. I guarantee nothing but hard work. Bear Bryant, American football coach.

  26. Winners embrace hard work. They love the discipline of it, the trade-off they’re making to win. Losers, on the other hand, see it as punishment. And that’s the difference. Lou Holtz, American football coach.

  27. Work hard, do things the right way, and things will go your way. Tony Romo, American football player.

  28. Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority. Vince Lombardi, American football coach.

  29. I dedicate myself and work hard in the weight room and treat every practice as if it were a game. Adrian Peterson, American football player.

  30. There’s no substitute for hard work and effort beyond the call of duty. That is what strengthens the soul and ennobles one’s character. Walter Camp, American football coach.

  31. If you have guys who aren’t fazed by whether people say good things or bad things about you, it doesn’t matter. You just work as hard as you can and do as good as you can every single day. Kyle Shanahan, American football coach.

  32. I have no worries at all, I’m just going to go out there and work hard. Calvin Johnson, American football player.

  33. Patience is a virtue. Keep doing what you want to do and eventually things will happen. Arian Foster, American football player.

  34. I work hard, but I also play hard. Everyone needs balance in life. Bruce Arians, American football coach.

  35. Think about your dream. Then, put your head down and go to work. Dabo Swinney, American football coach.

  36. If you work hard and you’re coachable, and you understand what you need to do, you can improve. Bill Belichick, American football coach.

  37. If a guy doesn’t work hard and doesn’t play well, he can’t lead anything. All he is, is a talker. John Madden, American football coach.

  38. The only thing that counts is your dedication to the game. You run on your own fuel; it comes from within you. Paul Brown, American football coach.

  39. Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It’s the best part of the day. George Allen, American football coach.

  40. Hard work doesn’t stop. Every day I push myself, on and off the field.” – Patrick Mahomes II, American football player.



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