54 Admirable Football Quotes On Teamwork and Team Building from American Football Players and Coaches

Working well with people can make or break your success. The dream is made achievable by teamwork, and accomplishment is only possible with efficient teamwork. When the players are working together as a team, it is difficult to spot any flaws. 

The combined effort of the quality football teams over the years was what they all had in common. One man’s heroism can help you win games, but winning a championship and experiencing success requires a team effort.

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In this post, we’ve gathered some really helpful quotes about teamwork from current and former American football players, as well as their opinions and strategies on team building.

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Teamwork quotes from American football players

  1. I just love working hard. I love being part of a team; I love working toward a common goal. – Tom Brady, NFL player

  2. The secret to teamwork is an outward mindset. – Steve Young, former football quarterback

  3. There’s no panic in this team, we believe in each other, we have since day one.” – Aaron Rodgers, NFL player

  4. To me I was focused on the team and I felt like I needed to be out there to lead our team to get wins and we didn’t get the wins but I wanted to be out there with my teammates. – Patrick Mahomes II, NFL player

  5. I think the big thing for me that football has taught me is just teamwork. It’s the ultimate team game. – Cameron Brate, Football tight end

  6. You could have the best player in the world but without 10 other guys helping him out doing their jobs, he’s not going to look like anything special. – Cameron Brate, Football tight end

  7. I got to be the one to set the example every single day and I want to earn the trust and the respect of my teammates. – Tom Brady, NFL player

  8. Not every pass is perfect, not every block is perfect but ultimately everybody has to try to fill each other’s job out and if you’re slightly off you got someone to push you up. – Tom Brady, NFL player

  9. If the offense doesn’t have a great day the defense better have a great day so that’s about complementing one another and it’s about a belief in one another trust in one another that you’re gonna go out there and you’re gonna give it all you got. – Tom Brady, NFL player

  10. Individual success is a product of teamwork and a product of 11 guys coming together and doing everything they can to strain for each other. – Christian McCaffrey, Football player

  11. As a team, we don’t go out there and play for the opinions of others. We go out there and play for our love of the game, for our love of each other.”– Jalen Ramsey, Football cornerback

  12. If you don’t care about the guy next to you, one, you’re a terrible teammate. Two, you’re never gonna win. – Travis Kelce, Football player

  13. You can kind of just move me around and put me anywhere – whatever the coaches and the guys on this team need me to do. – Travis Kelce, Football player

  14. A team player does care about someone other than themselves, and when they get knocked down, they don’t give up; they battle back and they do the right thing when they’re battling back.” – Roger Staubach, former football player

  15. If you really want to piss somebody off, put everybody together and accomplish something that they say you can’t accomplish. – Ray Lewis,  former football player.

  16. The game gives back as much as it takes. It teaches tenacity, teamwork, respect and appreciation for a strenuous and healthy life. – Dick Butkus, former football player

  17. The most important thing is always us and we and never I. – Earl Campbell, former football player on the importance of teamwork

  18. Teamwork makes champions.”– Joe Montana, former football player

  19. For me personally, it’s the same mindset every year — come out and help this team anyway I can.”– Tyreek Hill, an American footballer on team goals

  20. Sports is about teamwork, everyone is part of a chain, every person has strength. – Jerry Rice, former football wide receiver

  21. Talent will get you nowhere without the teamwork to back it up. – Dashiell Bennett, News Editor

  22. If the whole team understands the game plan and everybody signs off on it, I think you’re going to find that people are willing to take the right chances. – Joe Gibbs, former NFL coach

  23. I think the more connected that we are as a team, the more we understand how the guy next to us ticks and what makes him go, it’s going to make us a better football team. – Matthew Slater, football wide receiver

  24. Teamwork: you can’t get by in life without sharing with people,” Namath says. “Confidence. Respect. Never giving up. So much of everyday life that you need is in that game. Joe Namath, former football player


Teamwork quotes from football coaches

  1. Every week the guys found a way to get it done, whether it was offense, defense, special teams. To me that’s the beauty of football, truly is teamwork when it comes to that. – Kirk Ferentz, American football coach

  2. There’s a misconception about teamwork. Teamwork is the ability to have different thoughts about things; it’s the ability to argue and stand up and say loud and strong what you feel. But in the end, it’s also the ability to adjust to what is the best for the team. – Tom Landry, coach & former football player

  3. The most important component is teamwork. Nobody can do it alone. Nobody can go it alone. We all need each other. – Danny Rocco, American football coach

  4. I think teamwork and intelligence, that’s what wins championships. And character. – Dabo Swinney, American football coach

  5. Select players that fit into the culture versus the player that can run the fastest 20-yard dash but doesn’t necessarily gel in the locker room. – Peyton Manning, Former NFL player on the Importance of teamwork

  6. Teamwork can bring success against adversity. – Mike McCarthy,  American football coach

  7. Individual talent doesn’t guarantee a victory. – Peyton Manning, Former NFL player emphasizing the importance of teamwork

  8. Both wine and sport require great teams. Wine doesn’t make itself; no more than a bunch of players win a championship. – John Elway Jr, Former NFL player

  9. The one thing that I know is that you win with good people. – Don Shula, American football coach

  10. The one man team is a complete and total myth.– Don Shula, American football coach

  11. When teamwork kicks in, nobody can beat you. – Don Shula, American football coach

  12. It’s about us. It’s about us. It’s gotta be about us. – Frank Reich, NFL coach focusing on teamwork while addressing the team

  13. One man can make a difference, but a team can make a miracle. – Doug Pederson, NFL coach

  14. The game of football teaches great things. Commitment, teamwork, sacrifice. – Bill Cowher, NFL coach

  15. Winning a Super Bowl takes teamwork, leadership & God’s guidance.” – Tony Dungy, former NFL coach

  16. Football is such a team sport, so no one individual does it. No one coach or no one assistant coach or no one player, it’s a great team sport, so I don’t get carried away with a bunch of accolades. – Jimmy Johnson, former NFL coach


Team building quotes from coaches and former players

  1. It’s all about putting the best team together – not just in the front office but the players on the field. – John Elway, former player & professional football executive

  2. There are no shortcuts to building a team each season. You build the foundation brick by brick. – Bill Belichick, NFL coach

  3. It’s not always about talent or what other people say someone is, to me it’s about toughness. If you want to have a tough team, you have to have tough coaches. – Matt Rhule, football coach and former player

  4. When you build something, you’re going to go through adversity and it can build character, but it’s a lot better if you get people with character and they can just reveal it.” – Matt Rhule, football coach and former player

  5. I’ve always believed that when you build a team in the NFL, you’ve got to build it based on who you’re trying to beat in your division. – Mike Mayock, former player & football executive

  6. In building and maintaining your organization, place a premium on those who exhibit great desire to keep pushing themselves to higher performance. – Bill Walsh, Coach & former NFL player on fundamentals of team building

  7. Try to understand the person you’re dealing with. Everybody’s different. I do treat people differently, yeah, because I’ve yet to meet two people who are the same. – Jon Gruden, Former football coach on team building

  8. It’s [team building] something you have to figure out where you can get the players to play in your system. Sometimes you just can’t get them so either you have to change your system or modify it to play with lesser players if you want to maintain (your) system. – Bill Belichick, NFL coach on ‘player first’ approach to team building

  9. I like dependable players. I like players who put the team in front of anything and everything.  It’s not all about talent, it’s about dependability, consistency, and being able to improve.” – Bill Belichick, NFL coach

  10. Even as I’m confronting players about their weaknesses, I’m also always trying to build a culture of success. – Bill Parcells, former football coach

  11. We’re going to build this thing [team] on love.” – Sean McDermott, American football coach

  12. How much they weighed, how fast they can run, how high they can jump. But the key to picking people isn’t just that. It’s the desire they have inside of them and what kind of determination they have. – Joe Gibbs, former NFL coach

  13. Building a winning team starts with people. Most of the victories I’ve had in life have been when I’ve stuck to the game plan. – Joe Gibbs, former NFL coach

  14. As a 50-something coach working with Generation Y and Millennial athletes, I had to find ways to plug in – whether by enlisting my teenage son’s help as a ‘consultant’ or by hiring young coaches. – Tony Dungy,  former football safety and coach



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