Top 42 Uplifting Tennis Quotes About Positive Attitude and Mindset

Tennis is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports in the world. Tennis players must put in a lot of effort and perseverance to perform well under pressure. Tennis, as a fast-paced sport, necessitates a positive attitude and mindset from the player. It is difficult to execute at your peak if you do not have a good mindset and a never-say-die attitude.
This post contains very inspiring tennis quotes from tennis players about having a positive attitude and mindset. These quotes really help us to get inside athletes’ minds and understand how they approach their sport. These quotes will undoubtedly provide us with a fresh perspective on certain aspects of the game.

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Tennis Positive Attitude Quotes

  1. The ideal attitude is to be physically loose and mentally tight. Arthur Ashe, tennis player.

  2. You want the players in the locker room to know you as that kid that fights ’till the end, has that never-say-die attitude. Alex de Minaur, tennis player.

  3. The strongest and most dangerous enemy you will ever face is a negative attitude. John Newcombe, tennis player.

  4. I don’t have anything to prove ever, ever in my life. If I have something to prove, what does that mean for everyone else? And I think everyone should have that attitude. Serena Williams, tennis player.

  5. For myself and my attitude, I have, every day, to work on it. Simona Halep, tennis player.

  6. As athletes, the biggest asset that we bring to the workplace is our work ethic, our confidence, our never-say-die attitude. We’re about winning. Katrina Adams, tennis player.

  7. You don’t complain when you play bad, when you have problems, when you have pains. You put the right attitude, the right face. You are not negative about all the issues that happened, if I am playing bad, if I have physical problems. Rafael Nadal, tennis player.

  8. My ability and capacity to acknowledge I was wrong is largely determined by the attitude of the person I’m arguing with. Stefanos Tsitsipas, tennis player.

  9. You will never be always motivated so you must learn to be disciplined. Iga Świątek, tennis player.

  10. I love the competition. That’s what has driven me the most in my career, is that one-on-one competition and the thrill of the fight. Ashleigh Barty, tennis player.

  11. I have some good tennis skills, but I think when I have a positive attitude on court and I’m getting fired up and I’m showing positive energy, I think that helps me perform my best. Danielle Collins, tennis player.

  12. It kind of boils down to attitude, because for me I feel like I’m more open-minded when I’m calm, so maybe if I was upset I wouldn’t have been able to apply the things that I knew I was doing wrong. Naomi Osaka, tennis player.

  13. Our energy, our attitude, our competitiveness, sort of let that be the leading and driving force to let our tennis shine through. Rajeev Ram, tennis player.

  14. If you can react the same way to winning and losing, that’s a big accomplishment. That quality is important because it stays with you the rest of your life. Chris Evert, tennis player.

  15. Learn to think like a winner. Think positive and visualize your strengths. Vic Braden, tennis player.

  16. There is nothing you need to worry about. You need to just work on and tomorrow is another day, another opportunity. And you could do something better and you can change something, so that’s my attitude. Karen Khachanov, tennis player.

  17. Wake up every morning with the passion to go on court and with the passion to improve something and practice every day with the right attitude to try to make that happen. Rafael Nadal, tennis player.

  18. I just have the attitude that whatever happens, happens. I’ve had a great year already and no one’s gonna take away what I’ve done just if I don’t do well here. Jennifer Capriati, tennis player.

  19. Life is about challenges and how we face up to them and the attitude we take into every day life so hopefully we’ll be able to motivate people to do more with their life. Martina Navratilova, tennis player.

  20. Focus only on things you can control. Not winning or losing or your ranking but your effort, your attitude. You release the pressure of what you can’t control. Juan Coto, sports mental coach.

  21. Never-say-die on anything, and it’s never too late to do what you really want to do. Jennifer Capriati, tennis player.

  22. Keep fighting to that last point. Even if you lose, give your fellow competitors a message that you’re going to keep on fighting till the last point. Have that never-say-die attitude. Luke Saville, tennis player.

  23. The reason why I have been fighting during all my tennis career or I have the right self-control or I have the right attitude and fighting spirit is because I grew up with this kind of education. Rafael Nadal, tennis player.


Tennis Players’ Positive Mindset Quotes

  1. I kind of put myself in this mindset where time doesn’t really exist that much. There is no past or future. I just try to stay really in the present.. Victoria Azarenka, tennis player.

  2. Everyone knows how to play tennis, but it’s the mind that really controls everything. Bianca Andreescu, tennis player.

  3. The thing that separates the best from the rest is just the mindset. Bianca Andreescu, tennis player.

  4. Your biggest weapon is to be as prepared as you can. I really think that just working your mind — because at this level everyone knows how to play tennis, I think. The thing that separates the best from the rest is just the mindset. Bianca Andreescu, tennis player.

  5. It’s not only about the quality of the game, how you play, but about the mental part and the mindset that you have on this important point. So sometimes it’s not about where you put the ball but it’s just a reaction and the reality that you want it. Karen Khachanov, tennis player.

  6. Tennis matches can last a long time and there are lots of times when all sorts of things can go through your mind. Juan Martin del Potro, tennis player.

  7. My biggest mindset change is just trying to enjoy tennis, take some of that just internal pressure that I was putting on myself. It was honestly freezing me. Madison Keys, tennis player.

  8. Keep going step by step, practice by practice, and always with a clear goal to improve something. That’s my mindset during all my tennis career, no? Go on court and every practice with the goal to improve something in my game. I don’t understand the sport another way. Rafael Nadal, tennis player.

  9. My mindset is always the same: arrive to a tournament, have the right preparation, and try to be ready to compete at the highest level since the beginning. Rafael Nadal, tennis player.

  10. I used to doubt my ability and what I was capable of, and then I changed my mindset. It made me a better person, a better advocate, and opened doors for me to help instigate real change. Dylan Alcott, wheelchair tennis player.

  11. If we can have that mindset to get to that perfection, get to, like, the perfect game, I think it’s just going to push us even more to get better. Leylah Fernandez, tennis player.

  12. It’s really important to stay there mentally, to have a mindset to fight till the end. Karen Khachanov, tennis player.

  13. You don’t really concentrate on your mindset when you’re winning a lot. Dylan Alcott, wheelchair tennis player.

  14. The time your game is most vulnerable is when you’re ahead; never let up. Rod Laver, tennis player.

  15. Ninety percent of my game is mental. It’s my concentration that has gotten me this far. If you’re a champion, you have to have it in your heart. Chris Evert, tennis player.

  16. In my case, I can sincerely say nothing is impossible. Novak Djokovic, tennis player.

  17. Every time I step out on the court I still have something to prove. I still have that mindset I’m the underdog. Leylah Fernandez, tennis player.

  18. A championship mindset, as I call it. To keep me in the present, be humble, not worry too much about the future, not get too upset about the past.. Felix Auger Aliassime, tennis player.

  19. The mindset is to just to focus on every single match and take it one match at a time no matter who you play and try to get better really with your game. Maria Sharapova, tennis player.



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