42 Inspiring Quotes From Tennis Player Iga Swiatek

Player name: Iga Swiatek, Polish tennis player

Iga Swiatek is the first Polish player to win a major singles championship. When Ashleigh Barty, the top player at the time, retired in April 2022, she rose to the top position. Iga also set a record during that time by winning 37 consecutive games, which is impressive in and of itself. The achievement of winning both the US Open and Roland Garros in the same year was also accomplished by Iga Swiatek. From 2016 to 2018, Swiatek participated in the ITF Women’s Circuit. She also won each of the seven ITF singles finals she competed in during this time.

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  1. It is important to have peace so you can focus on working. It is not only true for tennis players but for any person who wants to succeed and is doing extraordinary things.” – Iga Swiatek

  2. I don’t feel I’m an activist, to be honest. I’m a person who wants to use my impact well in a way that is healthy for me and fits my current possibilities.” – Iga Swiatek

  3. You will never be always motivated so you must learn to be disciplined.” – Iga Swiatek

  4. Sometimes it’s harder to deal with success than the times you are losing.” – Iga Swiatek

  5. Mental toughness is probably most important thing in tennis right now because everybody can play on the highest level. But the ones that are tough and that can handle the pressure are the biggest ones.” – Iga Swiatek

  6. Rafa has always been my idol.” – Iga Swiatek

  7. The most inspirational player for me on tour is Rafa Nadal because he’s never giving up, and he can win matches even though everybody is thinking like he’s going to lose it.” – Iga Swiatek

  8. The goal is not playing or feeling perfectly, but winning when you’re not feeling perfect, or winning when you’re not comfortable on court and you can’t play with your intuition.” – Iga Swiatek

  9. Tennis is such a complicated sport that you’re never going to know why or what happened. I feel like if you work hard and you give 100% on every match, your chances are going to come.” – Iga Swiatek

  10. If I start thinking about records, or ‘I want to be the first in this, the first to do that’, it’s not good for me. I don’t want to be like I’m always chasing something.” – Iga Swiatek

  11. In everyday life, I think my sister had the biggest influence because she was the one I was watching everyday. I wanted to be like her, like every younger sibling.” – Iga Swiatek

  12. When I looked at how many people actually succeeded in tennis in Poland not so long ago, it was only Agnieszka Radwańska really, so I just didn’t think it’d be possible.” – Iga Swiatek

  13. Previous chapter is closed. Doesn’t matter what happened so far this season, good or bad. My minds need to be clear and I need to focus on what’s coming next.” – Iga Swiatek

  14. You might imagine that I stayed up all night as a kid dreaming about being a big tennis player, but no. To tell you the truth, at night, I dreamed about feeling a bit more natural in social situations.” – Iga Swiatek

  15. I just accepted that sometimes it (a difficult moment) is going to happen. I’m just getting more sure that I have skills on court that I can come back from any situation.” – Iga Swiatek

  16. You have to always change something. That is the key in tennis because we have so many conditions throughout the whole season, different balls, different racquet tensions.” – Iga Swiatek

  17. Every match is a different story.” – Iga Swiatek

  18. There’s no point in thinking, ‘Oh, this streak is getting long. When am I going to lose?’ Or I don’t know, is it even possible to win so many matches? I just don’t think about it. I honestly kind of believe that the sky’s the limit and I can go even forward.” – Iga Swiatek

  19. I’ve made a lot of changes in my tennis and life so I’m glad that I’ll have time to settle everything that’s new.” – Iga Swiatek

  20. I had my biggest idols basically stayed the same way and they are the same people. I don’t want the success to change me like in a negative way.” – Iga Swiatek

  21. Everybody’s going to have expectations so you just have to be in your own world.” – Iga Swiatek

  22. I’m just myself, authentic, and I see that it works, because people appreciate my honesty, they know I’m a real person.” – Iga Swiatek

  23. I’m not trying to be a different person, I don’t have a magic fix for that. Perhaps there are people who can identify with me because they are introverts as well.” – Iga Swiatek

  24. if you’re not going to chill out a little bit, you’re not going to play well and prove to yourself or the world that it wasn’t just a one-time thing.” – Iga Swiatek

  25. I feel like with everything that we are doing in tennis and with us being kind of examples for kids and for fans, we also bear some responsibility.” – Iga Swiatek

  26. My expectation is to just kind of do everything 100%, and kind of like focus on the process and not on the results.” – Iga Swiatek

  27. Tennis is such a complicated sport that you’re never going to know why or what happened. I feel like if you work hard and you give 100% on every match, your chances are going to come.” – Iga Swiatek

  28. Be patient because in tennis you’re always going to make mistakes and lose matches because it’s impossible to win for such a long time. You have to kind of learn also how to deal with that. You have to learn also how to deal with success later.” – Iga Swiatek

  29. Get good people around you who are going to guide you a little bit and who are going to help you because you can play great tennis, you can have talent, but these are the people who are going to kind of in tougher situations be next to you.” – Iga Swiatek

  30. I don’t really think that ranking play, you know — it doesn’t really matter what ranking I have. I want to for sure use my experience that I gained and I know that I can handle a lot, but on court it’s just about tennis.” – Iga Swiatek

  31. I only focus on the things that are going to make me play better and just win points. I realized that if I’m going to win points and I’m going to play well, the stress is going to go away anyway.” – Iga Swiatek

  32. The most important thing is to find your balance on the pitch. I want to make sure that the things that happen on training days don’t affect my state of mind.” – Iga Swiatek

  33. I feel like every person basically is playing better when they feel like they have nothing to lose.” – Iga Swiatek

  34. I just try to focus on the stuff that actually is going to give me something. Thinking about all these stats, it’s not really helpful.” – Iga Swiatek

  35. I try to be really strict in terms of my thoughts and try to really focus on some solutions and finding solutions. And, yeah, the thoughts are there, but I’m accepting that, and it’s kind of the biggest part of the job is to manage them properly and to really shift the focus on the right things.” – Iga Swiatek

  36. You believe in things, but in the back of your head you know that there’s going to be, like, huge amount of work that you have to do to win that.” – Iga Swiatek

  37. I’m just going to try to lower my expectations and remember that it doesn’t matter if I’m an underdog or not, everybody is starting from the same position when they’re on court.” – Iga Swiatek

  38. The truth is that humans are like that: they just want more. I’m still, like, I feel expectations even though I did something great on a French Open. I want more basically.” – Iga Swiatek

  39. Love is important not only in tennis but basically in life.” – Iga Swiatek

  40. You’ve just got to go step by step and use what you have that day. Because if you’re gonna just hope or think, ‘Hey, on the other day this ball would go in’, I mean, when you’re out there on court, it doesn’t really matter, because you just have the weapons that you have today and you have to use them.” – Iga Swiatek

  41. Every match for me is really important, and I always want it to be solid. I know I have a game. I just have to, you know, keep my mind in a right path, you know.” – Iga Swiatek

  42. Crying is as normal as smiling or screaming in joy after a win. I would love to see a world where crying and emotions in sports—and in life—aren’t a sign of weakness; they just are.” – Iga Swiatek



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