Top 34 Emma Raducanu (Tennis player) Inspirational Quotes

Player name: Emma Raducanu, British Tennis Player.

Emma Raducanu is a professional tennis player from the United Kingdom. Emma Raducanu was born in Toronto and raised in London. She made her WTA Tour debut in June 2021. She was only 5 years old when she started at the Bromley Tennis Academy. Emma played her maiden Grand Slam match when she received a wildcard to the Wimbledon Championships in the summer of 2021. She became the first British woman to win the US Open since Virginia Wade in 1968.

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  1. There are times when you may not be going through the best patches, but you’ve just got to keep working and trusting your journey.” – Emma Raducanu

  2. I feel most empowered when I step out onto the match court, and I know it’s just me and myself out there.” – Emma Raducanu

  3. Self-belief is really important because tennis is such an individual sport and you’re out there on your own competing and fighting for every point.” – Emma Raducanu

  4. There’s a sense of uncertainty, but you have the control over yourself – so you’re in a real battle then, fighting for every point.” – Emma Raducanu

  5. It’s important to keep strong and stay in your own lane really, and kind of zone out from what everyone else may think or say, and just keep believing in yourself.” – Emma Raducanu

  6. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at –  if you keep losing a few matches, it can be easy to get disheartened, but personally I just know that I’m doing the right things. I trust myself – and that everything will come together in the end.” – Emma Raducanu

  7. It’s so important to have a good foundation in everything, and after that, you can add complications and throw some more interesting things in.” – Emma Raducanu

  8. I’m not as afraid to make a mistake.” – Emma Raducanu

  9. For me, nothing beats the satisfaction of a really big training day and feeling really proud of yourself, knowing you’ve pushed yourself to the max.” – Emma Raducanu

  10. Whatever you’re doing, try to really enjoy it, and have fun. When I’m genuinely smiling and happy, that’s when my best results have come.” – Emma Raducanu

  11. I’ve been doing so much work that sometimes I feel completely uncoordinated toward the end of it, but I know I’ve pushed myself to that stage, and I accept that once I freshen up, I’ll be a lot better. The feeling afterward is what keeps me going.” – Emma Raducanu

  12. When facing adversity, it doesn’t matter how down you are, as long as you keep getting back up.” – Emma Raducanu

  13. Every time I get into the gym, it’s a win.” – Emma Raducanu

  14. New challenges will always present themselves and you’ll always be resetting goals.” – Emma Raducanu

  15. I’ve never gone out. I’ve never done any normal teenage things. Between training and the travel, (the lifestyle) takes some getting used to, but I like to be on my own and it’s always about the bigger picture.” – Emma Raducanu

  16. It could look like it’s all going down, down, down and just not getting any better. But it can all change so fast. Just one match can have a big influence on your confidence and the momentum comes, you feel like you can’t lose.” – Emma Raducanu

  17. Through playing sport, and having to be bold on the court and fearless and fight, it’s given me inner strength. If you have that then you can really achieve whatever you want.” – Emma Raducanu

  18. I think the confidence comes from just inner belief.” – Emma Raducanu

  19. It’s not necessarily about telling everyone how good you are, but it’s about believing it within yourself.” – Emma Raducanu

  20. At the end of the day, you’re on this journey alone, no matter how many people are in your corner.” – Emma Raducanu

  21. I think to compare yourself and your results against anyone is probably like the thief of happiness.” – Emma Raducanu

  22. I didn’t compete for 18 months, but here I am, and it just shows that if you believe in yourself, then anything is possible.” – Emma Raducanu

  23. I have a hunger to win every single match I play, so I don’t want to get ahead of myself at all, because I just like to take it one day at a time. If I take care of what I can control, then that’s going to give me the best chance.” – Emma Raducanu

  24. You can be a normal kid and go to school and do normal things and still achieve results.” – Emma Raducanu

  25. To me the things that matter are the expectations of myself and what I want to achieve and what I want to get out of the day.” – Emma Raducanu

  26. It’s just about improving and seeing yourself get better and I don’t take anyone else’s opinions into account except for my close circle.” – Emma Raducanu

  27. When things get tough, keep getting yourself back up. Keep persevering.” – Emma Raducanu

  28. Keep persevering. Each time you do, it teaches you a lesson and you accumulate experience. Then you can grow a big bank of knowledge that you can tap into.” – Emma Raducanu

  29. I’m a Slam champion, so no one’s going to take that away from me. If anything, the pressure is on those who haven’t done that.” – Emma Raducanu

  30. If I lose 2,000 points, so be it, I’ll start again from the bottom. I know I can do something that no one else has done.” – Emma Raducanu

  31. Big matches and big occasions are the ones that I really sort of get the most fired up for. It’s definitely a different feeling. I love playing on the big stages, on big occasions.” – Emma Raducanu

  32. Fall down 10 times, get up 11. What are you going to do about it? All you can do is keep moving forward. There’s no point looking back, getting down, because you just keep getting back up.” – Emma Raducanu

  33. I always take advice from everyone, and I always ask for people’s opinions and point of views, because they might be seeing something that I’m not. Then it’s just up to me to filter and use what I want to.” – Emma Raducanu

  34. Even if I keep getting knocked down and it’s just about getting back up and basically just falling in front. You’re one step better. You learn more.” – Emma Raducanu



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