Top 64 Basketball Player Devin Booker Quotes About Success, the NBA and Life

Player name: Devin Booker, American professional basketball player.
Devin Armani Booker (born October 30, 1996) is a professional basketball player from the United States. He is the son of former NBA star Melvin Booker. He attended Moss Point High School for his final three years of high school basketball. The Phoenix Suns selected Booker 13th overall in the 2015 NBA Draft. He finished fourth in the race for the 2016 ‘Rookie of the Year’ title.

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Devin Booker Motivational Quotes

  1. Just keep working hard and get better everyday. Be the best version of yourself and kind of just block out the outside noise and let that stuff go.” – Devin Booker

  2. You absolutely have to lock in night after night and develop tunnel vision on the goal. You hear it all the time but when you’re fighting to make the playoffs, you live it.” – Devin Booker

  3. It’s important to me to earn the respect of people I respect. That’s always been my goal.” – Devin Booker

  4. You put the work in. You’ve seen multiple situations. You believe in yourself and the confidence is there.” – Devin Booker

  5. Short memory, just move on.” – Devin Booker

  6. Every great team has to have sacrifices.” – Devin Booker

  7. Experience Is The Best Teacher. Devin Booker

  8. I’ve been playing this game for a long time. I’ve gone through every type of shooting slump that you can think of. Devin Booker

  9. The quicker you can have a short memory and just be confident in yourself and the work you’ve put in — I’ve pretty much seen every type of situation on the court, so I believe in my work. Devin Booker

  10. Block everything out on the outside and really just focus on the task at hand. Devin Booker

  11. You fall short of your goal, it’s frustrating. But you get over it quick and understand harping on the past isn’t going to do anything for you. It’s time to get better, lace them up again and get after it. Devin Booker

  12. Embrace the moment. Understand that this is it. It’s going to be tough, but you have to overcome obstacles. Devin Booker

  13. You just have to control what you can control. Devin Booker

  14. Every day is a new task. Every day is a new adventure. Devin Booker

  15. Every game we have. Every game is a must-win for us. Devin Booker

  16. Experience is the best teacher. Getting the chance to be out there in the fire is what you’re going to learn from most. Devin Booker

  17. Every game comes with its new personalities. Devin Booker


Devin Booker Quotes About Success

  1. If you’re not going to believe in yourself, nobody’s going to believe in you.” – Devin Booker

  2. A kid grows up and is like, ‘Man, I want to be Devin. I want to dress like him. I want to play like him.’ I’ve never lost sight of that. That’s what keeps me going.” – Devin Booker

  3. I always felt that being confident was half the battle. If you’re not going to believe in yourself, nobody’s going to believe in you. And I figured that out at a young age.” – Devin Booker

  4. Once I was in college that’s when I was like I want to make this my lifestyle of making my life. Sacrificed a lot of childhood you know a lot of hard work goes into it. I moved a lot, I traveled a lot you know and I was away from my family and friends for a lot of time, all in pursuit to get to where I’m at now and you know still a long way to go. Devin Booker

  5. Just thinking of the guys that have come before us and represented our country, and I don’t think there’s anything better than winning a gold medal. Devin Booker

  6. I always leave my idols that I reach out to and my really close friends, when they do something special I always leave them with “keep inspiring,” because that’s the most important thing to me. Devin Booker

  7. I’m going to be on the grind throughout my whole career, throughout my whole life. It feels like just the start for me. Devin Booker

  8. Just going through experiences together. Just spending time together. That’s the only way I feel you can develop real trust, is going through experiences and having conversations with people. Devin Booker

  9. When I was a kid with my teachers telling me all the percentages of the people that make it to the NBA, I never listened to that. I had confidence in myself.” – Devin Booker


Devin Booker Quotes About Basketball

  1. Each and every night, you’re playing against that player that was the best high school player, that player that was the best player on his college team. There’s no nights off in the NBA. That’s what makes it so special. That’s why everyone loves the game.” – Devin Booker

  2. I just do everything aggressive. I try not to lose sight of it. I try not to be the NBA too-cool guy. I’m not scared to get dirty. Devin Booker

  3. Him protecting both sides of the rim, LeBron James is the only person in the world that can make that play. That’s what makes him second to none. Arguably the greatest player to ever play the game. Devin Booker

  4. No matter what, our next game is our most important game. Devin Booker

  5. I’m excited. Every day I wake up and get a chance to play in the NBA, the league that I’ve been watching since I was a kid. So, I try not to lose sight of that. Devin Booker

  6. Just chemistry, trust, believing in your brother, believing in your teammate. Devin Booker

  7. I think it’s [the Olympics] the most prestigious event that basketball can find. So to be a part of representing your country I think brings you to a whole ‘another stratosphere. Devin Booker

  8. I’m moving forward. All those things… the praises, the falls, I take everything that comes with this. And I think that’s what makes this a beautiful sport. Devin Booker

  9. We fight hard, we practice hard, we have a lot of fun together and we trust each other and we love each other and we say it all the time. Devin Booker

  10. It’s a constant pursuit just to better ourselves, better ourselves as basketball players, as men, as teammates, as brothers and that we just continue to get better. Devin Booker

  11. Just regroup, refocus, go over film and respond. Devin Booker

  12. Trusting everybody in this locker room, from coaching staff to training staff all the way down to the players, it’s kind of hard to get butterflies because you understand your brother has your back. Devin Booker

  13. I tell people all the time, Phoenix is my third home. And they have embraced me that way since day one. Devin Booker

  14. When you win a game you feel like you can’t lose again, when you lose you feel like you can’t win again. And that’s the playoffs for real. People get too high, people get too low, you’re hearing everybody talking from every different angle but you have to understand where you’re trying to go and what we’re trying to do. Devin Booker

  15. Every time I go out there I try to play my hardest. You can’t take anything for granted. Devin Booker

  16. I’d never be surprised in my own game. I’ve worked hard a lot in my life. The NBA’s an unpredictable business. You never know what’s going to happen. Devin Booker

  17. The brotherhood is important. Meeting up on your free time, not just on the basketball court. Devin Booker

  18. Representing your country. Playing in the Olympics. All these things have been dreams of mine. Devin Booker

  19. Representing your country for USA Basketball is one of the most prestigious things you can do. Being part of that would be a great experience. Devin Booker

  20. I’ve been playing this game for a long time. I’ve gone through every type of shooting slump that you can think of.  Devin Booker


Devin Booker Quotes About Life

  1. Your parents can want you to be something, your friends can want you to be something, but if you actually don’t believe you can be that person then you never will be.” – Devin Booker

  2. I was around some really good people growing up that they nurtured and taught me a lot. Devin Booker

  3. I don’t care for much recognition or anything else that I do. I don’t do it for the recognition, but I’m glad that the foundation is getting this type of light and this type of exposure because it means a lot. It means a lot to this community. Devin Booker

  4. Hang out with your friends and do things on the weekend and go here or go there. I didn’t do much of that at that time and in high school. I spent my weekends traveling to Alabama for the whole weekend practicing with my travel team, the Alabama Challenge. Devin Booker

  5. During school days I would be up before school training, and then right after school training. After that, it was time to go home and go to sleep. A lot of sacrifices of being a kid, but in pursuit to get everything I wanted. If I could do it again a million times over, I would do it all again. Devin Booker

  6. You learn by living through experiences. Devin Booker

  7. I’ve always been more mature than my age, but at the same time, I can still have fun with my age group. But especially in this business, it’s my job, so you have to take it seriously. Devin Booker

  8. Social media, it’s a great platform. I use it for entertainment like a lot of people do, but I think a lot of people take it more serious than others. I’m one of those people that like [to] get on there and laugh. I don’t take things people say too seriously. I have real-life things to deal with. Devin Booker


Quotes from Devin Booker About Kobe Bryant

  1. Kobe [Bryant] always said his one job is to inspire the next generation — that’s what he’s done for us. Devin Booker

  2. He [Kobe Bryant] is gonna live forever in this game and not even just in basketball. Just his approach to life and how he’s changed and shaped so many people. Devin Booker

  3. Some advice that Kobe [Bryant] left me with just be legendary. You know that’s what it’s about. legacy and inspiring. I think that’s the biggest thing you can do is inspire the next generations. Devin Booker

  4. Kobe [Bryant] told me there are no steps skipped in achieving greatness at the highest level. In terms of dieting and working out, it’s just about sacrifice. You have to sacrifice [for] things you want. Devin Booker

  5. “Be legendary,” the advice that Kobe had left me with in the short time I got to spend with him in our last game playing against each other. He left it with a mark on my shoe and he wrote it out, Be legendary. Devin Booker

  6. Rip Hamilton, Kobe Bryant and those guys have literally shaped and paved my whole entire life. I don’t think without their mentality and their approach that I would be sitting in this chair right now. Devin Booker


Devin Booker Quotes Regarding His Father

  1. The best advice that my dad gave me when I moved with him when I was 13 years old is have a short memory in this game. On to the next play and on to the next game and on to the next possession. Devin Booker

  2. Me and my dad talk about it all the time, being efficient with your work. When you’re in there taking every rep seriously as if it is the playoffs or as if it is the Finals you get some really good workouts. Devin Booker

  3. My father had a career, a short time in the NBA but mostly overseas and I had a chance to visit him out there and see his lifestyle and playing basketball and see how much the ball did for him. The different places it took him in the world, how it changed his life and you know my ultimate dream was to be in the NBA. Devin Booker

  4. My father prepared me for this [sport], so I always knew it was going to be a process. I had an opportunity to already start playing and already getting big minutes. So I have to take advantage of my opportunity. Devin Booker



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