Top 59 Motivational Quotes From NBA Player Jimmy Butler

Player name: Jimmy Butler, American professional basketball player.

NBA player Jimmy Butler was born in the United States on September 14, 1989. He won a gold medal at the Olympics. Houston is where Butler was born. He was chosen by the Chicago Bulls with the 30th overall choice in the 2011 NBA Draft. He averaged 15.7 points per game as a senior in 2010–11, earning All–Big East Honorable Mention for the second consecutive season.

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Inspirational Quotes from NBA Player Jimmy Butler

  1. It’s whatever it takes, whatever it takes to win. I’ll play however many minutes, I’ll be however tired. But I’ve got to win. Jimmy Butler

  2. I’ve got to be able to do a lot more. I’ve got to be able to set the tone from the jump, play with the most energy I’ve ever played with. That’s what I’ve got to do: Win. Jimmy Butler

  3. Keep going, always keep going, if you make a mistake, forget about it, get back and let’s try to run the next play. Jimmy Butler

  4. I want to play basketball the right way. I’ll do whatever my team, teammates need me to do. If it’s score, if it’s pass, if it’s guard — whatever it takes to get a dub, that’s what I’m trying to do. Jimmy Butler

  5. I didn’t win, so none of the stats matter. We don’t play for stats here. We don’t play for anything else except for the win. Jimmy Butler

  6. It’s not win or go home, it’s win or win. Jimmy Butler

  7. I’m just all about winning. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do, if you can guarantee me a win. I realize that nothing is guaranteed. But I’ll do whatever you ask me to do to put my team in the best position to win. That’s it. Jimmy Butler

  8. You know your body is going to be hurt, but you’ve got to tell your mind and tell your body to cut it out. Jimmy Butler

  9. Going into it [game], it’s like, you can’t be tired, you can’t be banged up. These guys need you. They’re counting on you. If they see you, that’s how they’re going to be. Jimmy Butler

  10. I always say yeah, I’m gonna make it to the NBA Finals. I want to play in the NBA Finals. I want to win a championship. That time for me is now. So talking about it then, being in that position now, I’m here for a reason, just like everybody else is. Jimmy Butler

  11. I take what the game gives me. Jimmy Butler

  12. I’ve got a lot of people that really help me to be great and to be ready to perform at the highest level. So all in all, there’s a lot of work that goes into it, like everybody is doing right now, but I think I’ve got the best of the best around me. Jimmy Butler

  13. We celebrate every win, but when somebody else has a great night that nobody expected, I love it. I really do. Jimmy Butler

  14. Everybody remembers winning, that’s it. They don’t care how many points you score, they only care if you won or lost. For us we’re all about winning. We are. Jimmy Butler

  15. We’re never giving up. We’re going to fight and we’re going to ride with this thing until the wheels fall off. It’s not over. Jimmy Butler

  16. We believe in one another. We believe in what we put together and we believe in what we do every day. Jimmy Butler

  17. Play harder. Empty the tanks. Jimmy Butler

  18. Just find a way to win when it comes to it. If you can go, try to go. If you can’t, you just can’t. That’s just the way that the game goes sometimes. Jimmy Butler

  19. You’re talking about adversity; I mean, for us, we thrive in that. Jimmy Butler

  20. Do something great for somebody else and just pray that they pass it along to the next person. And for that second, the world is a better place. So you pass it on down the line. You just hope that peace is at the end of that line. Jimmy Butler

  21. When you put all your effort into something it’s gonna cover up for so many mistakes. If you’re playing with effort, you care. Jimmy Butler

  22. Just continue to be who you are. Do what you wanna do to make yourself happy. Don’t harm nobody in the process and try to be the best human being that you could possibly be. Jimmy Butler

  23. Nothing’s free. You gotta go and get it. You gotta work for everything you want. Jimmy Butler

  24. I’ve learned enough times in life that saying something is completely different than acting upon it. Jimmy Butler


Motivational Quotes From Jimmy Butler on Teamwork and Life

  1. I want people to come together and talk about life, and teach each other about one another—only good things.  Jimmy Butler

  2. I’m here now, and I belong here. I’ve belonged here for a very long time. So that’s where I’m at. Jimmy Butler

  3. We’re just in this together. Everything we do is together. We win together, we lose together, and we love being around one another. I think that’s what makes us special is through the ups and through the downs, we always got each other’s back. Jimmy Butler

  4. I always just wanted to win, do whatever it took to win. Nobody is taking it personally because we all have the same agenda. It’s not for stats. It’s not for fame. It’s not for none that. It’s to win a championship. Jimmy Butler

  5. You need to focus in on each day at a time, each practice, and then when the games get here, each game home and away. But we never want to look too far ahead. Jimmy Butler

  6. I just keep doing the same things I’ve been doing every single day to get me to whatever point I am in life. Jimmy Butler

  7. If you’re doing the same thing every day, you’re definitely going to be comfortable. You’re going to know where you stand whenever adversity hits, or when something gets really, really difficult. Jimmy Butler

  8. Do I continue to defy the odds? Am I against odds? I don’t even think about too much of that stuff no more. Jimmy Butler

  9. I like it when people say that I’ve changed. I would agree. I have. Because if you’re not changing, you’re not evolving. That means you’re being stuck. The world is constantly changing. Jimmy Butler

  10. If you just live for it today and you do everything that you can today to be the best, or to show somebody that you love them, or that you care, or that you’re this or that, I think you’re doing right by yourself and by the world. Jimmy Butler

  11. When you start thinking too much about yesterday or tomorrow, you get lost, man. I don’t know a lot, but I can tell you for right now, I live my best life in today. One day at time, man. Jimmy Butler

  12. I don’t have regrets. There’s not too many things you can change, whether you do it out of anger, fear. I’m not going to regret it because it all plays a factor in who I am. Jimmy Butler

  13. All the things that I’ve been through, all the things that I’ve learned, all the things I’ve messed up on, I’m not regretting any of it. I’m continuing to live my life. Jimmy Butler

  14. There’s absolutely no way that the way my life has taken so many turns and how I’ve been OK through the ups and through the downs — man, he’s looking over me like he wants me to be successful. Jimmy Butler

  15. Whenever you have the right people in your corner that are always wanting you to do great, life gets easier. But also, your dreams seem more reachable and attainable. Jimmy Butler

  16. Your mind is an incredible tool in a sense that, if you think you can do something, you can, and that same mind that you’re using every single day can help somebody else. Jimmy Butler

  17. I’m going to be me and encourage everyone else: Be you. Be yourself. You’re the only one who knows how to do it. You can do it at a high level. Jimmy Butler

  18. It’s not about proving them wrong. It’s about proving myself right. Jimmy Butler

  19. We get too lost and caught up in what everybody else is thinking, what everybody else is saying. Then you forget to listen to yourself and your own voice and let all that  other outside noise cloud the bright spots that are already in your head. Jimmy Butler

  20. Everything that I do is not because somebody said I can do it or cannot do it. It’s because I’m like, You know what? I’m going to do this. I’m going to go prove to myself that I’m going to be able to do it. Jimmy Butler

  21. I don’t need an MVP. I don’t care about anybody’s opinion. No trophy means anything except the Larry O’Brien. I want to be a champion, man. I mean that. Jimmy Butler

  22. Life works in a weird way so you never take anything for granted. So when you have something, you roll with it. Right now. Jimmy Butler

  23. Everybody wants honesty until you’re honest with them. Jimmy Butler

  24. We’re just going to be stuck in complacency if we worried about somebody else consistently. That for one, is not healthy. How you going to be worried about somebody else so much all the time? Jimmy Butler

  25. Nobody cares how much you have. You still got to be a good person to make it in the world, anyways. Money can just get you places and maybe get you to see people, but if you’re not a good person anyway, social media, all that stuff, don’t help you. Jimmy Butler

  26. I got to make sure that women are on the same level as men now, because that’s what I’m going to teach my daughter. Anything a man can do, you can do. Jimmy Butler

  27. Expressing who you are does a lot for your mental health. It’s not saying you’ve got a clear mind, but that your mind is right and you’re okay with what’s going on. Jimmy Butler


Jimmy Butler Quotes About basketball & passion for coffee

  1. I know that I’m capable of it. I believe in my skill set and my talent. Jimmy Butler

  2. Basketball is always basketball. It’s competing. We know what you’re going to get. Jimmy Butler

  3. The odds are just what they are — numbers. And the way that everybody’s talking about numbers and analytics nowadays, it just kind of angers me anyway. Jimmy Butler

  4. I really do enjoy making all different types of coffee, and I get a lot done whenever I’m drinking coffee — whether I’m reading a book, whether I’m competing at a domino table or over some cards, just reminiscing about life as a whole. Jimmy Butler

  5. Sleep just fine. I get my nine hours per night. I’ve trained my body to be able to do that. If I don’t sleep nine hours, I’m definitely not worth a damn. Jimmy Butler

  6. I’m constantly trying to learn about any type of coffee, especially with specialty coffee. It’s been so much fun because there’s so much to learn. You can’t possibly know everything and I think it’s what keeps my mind wrapped around coffee as a whole. Jimmy Butler


Jimmy Butler Funny Quotes

  1. I’m not giving nobody free coffee, ever. It’s not going to happen. Except for Coach O [Octavio De La Grana]. Coach O, he gets free coffee. Jimmy Butler

  2. I don’t like to brag, but I am pretty good at these coffee things. So, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but toot, toot. Jimmy Butler



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