60 Positive Sports Quotes About Mental Health from Professional Athletes

Playing a sport is the most lovely thing one can do. Sports allow an athlete to demonstrate his or her dream to millions of people rather than simply talking about it. Athletes, regardless of the sport they play, command enormous respect from their fans because an athlete possesses the unique ability to perceive the invincible and achieve the impossible. However, just as every coin has two sides, so does the sport. Playing a sport, juggling the personal life, and keeping an eye on goals and objectives all take a toll on one’s emotional well-being.

In this post, we have gathered encouraging and positive quotes that are certain to bring you positive vibes as these world-famous athletes not only offer their opinions in regards to this topic but also provide genuine suggestions for overcoming difficulties related to emotional well-being.

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  1. To me, One of the core tenets of your mental health is that self-love. Aaron Rodgers, American football player

  2. Mental health is just something we need to talk about at schools and in the workplace. So many people go through so much inside. Kevin Durant, Basketball player

  3. There are many stresses and variables in life that you can’t control, but you can find ways to cope with stress related to finding peace and happiness as best you can, whatever that means in your daily life. – Stephen Curry, Basketball player
  4. Keeping your mind clear from doubts by building resilience is key to maintain your mental health. Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer player
  5. Mental health is an invisible thing, but it touches all of us at some point or another. It’s part of life. Kevin Love, basketball player
  6. Mental health is a journey. It’s not a game that you either win or lose. Kayla McBride, basketball player
  7. I’ve made it my mission to make talking about mental health a staple in men’s lives. From locker rooms to living rooms — let’s talk about it. Marcus Smith II, American football player
  8. We all have certain mental health issues in some way, shape or form. They’re just caused by different things and come in different degrees of severity. So it’s important to remember that it’s O.K. to not be O.K. Troy Deeney, English soccer player
  9. for everything that unravels us, only 10% of the stress comes from the actual event — 90% comes from your own thoughts and emotions. Stay calm, take time to reflect, to think, and don’t make rushed decisions. Zhang Weili, Chinese MMA
  10. Addressing your mental health is strength. Talking about your mental health is strength. Seeking information, and help, and treatment, is strength. Mardy Fish, American tennis player
  11. It’s time for you to realize that you deserve grace. It’s O.K. to ask for help. Anna Cockrell, American Olympic athlete
  12. A mental health issue is not a sign of weakness. Corey Hirsch, Ice hockey player
  13. Put yourself first and stand up for your mental health. The struggle ends when you decide to talk about it. Javion Cohen, NFL player
  14. I want to impact athletes in the best way that I can, and I believe mental health is how I can best serve. Kaela Jackson, former softball assistant coach
  15. Your mental health is important. It’s about being content with who you are as a person.” – Christian Pulisic, American soccer player
  16. Everyone has their problems, everyone has difficulties getting through different things in life, whatever their circumstances may be. So it’s really important that everyone is really conscious of just the way they’re feeling and then their own mental health. Christian Pulisic, Soccer player
  17. I’m looked at as a guy who has been mentally very strong and I am. But everyone has a limit and you need to recognize that limit, otherwise, things can get unhealthy for you. Virat Kohli, cricket player

  18. If you don’t feel a hundred percent right, no matter if it’s physical or mental, it is an injury, and you should be able to rehab and take your time in order to get to a place where you need to be. Rory McIlroy, Professional Golfer

  19. To show weakness, we’re told in sports, is to deserve shame. But showing weakness, addressing your mental health, is strength. Mardy Fish, tennis player

  20. My vision of my healthy future isn’t just physical, it’s mental, emotional, spiritual – I want to be healthy and well. Mardy Fish, tennis player

  21. I feel it’s an important subject and everyone needs to speak up about mental health and feel happy to do so. It’s prevalent in all walks of life and it’s all about sharing experiences and knowledge. Daniel Ricciardo, Australian racing driver
  22. Your mental performance doesn’t matter if your mental health isn’t where it needs to be. But the performance should not be responsible for your mental health. Hannah Huesman, baseball team executive
  23. Mental health is mental health so you can’t say you have to withstand the same pressures. Nico Rosberg, Formula 1 champion
  24. Mental health is so important, physical health is so important, and it’s no different being Olympians. It’s something that we all have to watch out for, watch out for each other and help each other through in times of need. Katie Ledecky, American swimmer
  25. If you too are struggling with your mental health, you are not alone … it’s okay to ask for help. Andre Drummond, basketball player
  26. My main headline is that mental health is health. So, to separate that or make it lesser than or different than health creates stigma and barriers to actually treating anything that’s going on with the person. Jason Freeman, sports psychologists
  27. It’s OK to have doubts, it’s OK to be anxious at times. You can be that way and still pursue all that you are worth. Tony Bennett, former basketball player
  28. Your life is your dream and you have the power to control that dream. Anthony Davis, American football player
  29. Mental health is at the foundation of becoming the best versions of yourselves. If we don’t invest in the quality of our inner life, what’s our future look like? Michael Gervais, sports psychologist
  30. Mental health is the most important thing for me to play well on the field. Glenn Murray, English soccer player
  31. You’re supposed to show strength. But we’re not machines, we’re human beings. Roger Federer, Swiss tennis player

  32. Sleep is the number one most important thing for physical and mental health. It’s fundamental to being an athlete. Greg Rutherford,  former track and field athlete

  33. Injuries are part of an athlete’s career and we try to prepare ourselves and prevent them from happening. If they do, it’s so important to maintain good mental health while you recover. Neymar Jr, Brazilian soccer player
  34. Expressing who you are does a lot for your mental health. It’s not saying you’ve got a clear mind, but that your mind is right and you’re okay with what’s going on. Jimmy Butler, basketball player
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  35. Never let anyone judge you for taking care of your mental health. Through the good times and the bad times, it’s so important.” – Paul George, basketball player

  36. All it takes is your breath, a little focus, and an appreciation of being in the present. Your mental health is your most important asset.” – Raheem Sterling, English soccer player
  37. Mental fitness for me is just really learning to shut down. Serena Williams, Tennis player

  38. We also have to focus on ourselves, because at the end of the day, we’re human, too. We have to protect our mind and our body, rather than just go out there and do what the world wants us to do. Simone Biles, American gymnast
  39. The challenge of taking care of our mental health through the ups and downs of life is something that all of us, no matter our background, can relate to. Venus Williams, Tennis player
  40. Mental health means being in a place where you have that peace of mind, that happiness, that sense of being free, of having the ability to dream big and go for it. Venus Williams, Tennis player

  41. Mental health affects everyone. Let’s come together to increase awareness, continue the conversation, and fight to end the stigma. Tessa Virtue, Canadian ice dancer

  42. If something happens, I’m not trying to hide it inside of myself. I’m letting myself to be emotional. I’m letting myself to share it with my friends or with the people around me… that I feel bad and I need help. Evgenia Medvedeva, Russian figure skater

  43. We need to teach our children that it is okay to feel the mental and emotional struggles that come with playing sports. We need to stop telling them to “Rub some dirt on it” or “Toughen Up!” and instead encourage them to discuss what they are feeling. Abby Wambach, American soccer player
  44. Trying to force yourself when you are not good can be the worst thing for you sometimes and you need to step back, reset, calm yourself down and then start again. Lucy Bronze, soccer player
  45. People that go through those experiences, I would love for them to know it’s dark, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Sarah Taylor, cricket player

  46. Our mental health is just as important and real as our physical health. Danica Patrick, professional racing driver

  47. It’s okay to be vulnerable and to remember that it’s all part of being human. We need to get rid of the stigma of not being able to talk about mental health. A’ja Wilson, professional basketball player
  48. We all have mental problems as well and struggles we face within ourselves and within our brains. I think that it’s really important to be able to talk openly about it and not worry about how you’re going to be judged. Jessica Ennis-Hill, retired track and field athlete
  49. While physical health might be easier to quantify and evaluate, it counts for nothing if your mind is not fit, healthy and strong. Jessica Ennis-Hill, retired track and field athlete
  50. It’s not about whether you have something wrong or not, it’s a question. We all have mental health questions. Everyone. Every human. Ask them. Steve Young, former NFL player
  51. It’s more important as a human being, first and foremost. I think mental health is one of the most important aspects that people don’t focus on. Marcus Stroman, Baseball pitcher
  52. As human beings we have to do better at supporting each other. Mental health is real. And to fine a person for trying to protect their peace is not giving somebody a safe place to be a persons best self. Tyler Lockett, NFL player
  53. There’s a lot of things that are thrown at us on a daily basis, and it takes somebody with strong will to want to survive and make it to the top. So I would say mental health is very important. Dwight Howard, American basketball player
  54. If you are breathing right now, you have mental health. We all have it just like we all have physical health. If you’re breathing, you have physical health. Same thing with mental health. Brian Dawkins, former NFL player
  55. Nothing can hold you back. You just need to learn the tricks that work for you and then stick with them, believe in them, to keep yourself from getting into a negative cycle. Michael Phelps, Olympic swimmer
  56. It is okay to talk about your feelings, it is okay to talk about whatever you’ve struggled with, and there’s a lot of strength in that. Ian Happ, Baseball outfielder
  57. Your mind is your greatest ally and your greatest enemy sometimes. At the end of the day, you have to tell yourself, ‘I’m here for a reason. Jordan Davis, Football defensive tackle
  58. Lean on the people that love you the most, talk out your feelings, even write out your feelings, write it down on paper. When you do that, it kind of decompresses you. You’re allowed to observe your thoughts from a third perspective. Klay Thompson, American basketball player
  59. In the athletic world, you’re kind of taught to battle through things or not show weakness and things like that, so when it comes to mental health, it’s something you shouldn’t have to battle through. You shouldn’t have to try to conquer yourself. Barclay Goodrow, Ice hockey player
  60. As much time as you devote to the physical qualities of being a champion, of being an athlete, you’ve got to devote just as much time to your mental health, to your mental fortitude, your strength and the qualities that aren’t physical. Scout Bassett,  Paralympic Track & Field Athlete


What We Can Take Away from These Positive Quotes 

Self Care

The quote from Aaron Rodgers above, “core tenet,” deals with the idea of taking care of both physical health and emotional well-being, and taking all the necessary measures to do so. Physical health and emotional well-being are interconnected, and neglecting either of them is something we should avoid.

Self & Social Awareness

Kevin Durant sees the need to talk about the subject of inner balance and peace. In today’s time, things around us are complex, as is our human mind. In that case, it is very important to be self-aware of our state of mind and to share it with someone we trust, rather than keeping it to ourselves.

This brings up the aspect of making people aware of emotional well-being and inner peace. Top athletes suggest and encourage people to talk about this subject at our workplace, schools, and wherever else the need arises.

Take the Time Off

NBA player Stephen Curry suggests in one of his quotes that we should find healthy ways to manage stress in our daily lives. Exercise, a brief walk, reading, listening to music, and developing a hobby are some of the ways we can cope with problems related to emotional well-being.

Build Resilience

People admire athletes for the resilience they show when they are on the field. Athletes are looked up to as leaders when people look for inspiration in their lives. Ronaldo is one such athlete who has a global following for this very reason. People admire him for his resilience and the way he has handled difficult situations over the years.

Expressing and Understanding

As basketball player Kevin Love pointed out, the health of our emotional well-being is something that we cannot see with our eyes, but we can feel it. Just like physical health problems, we all face problems related to inner balance.



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