44 Educative Quotes About Serving from Tennis Players and Coaches

We’ve included some educational and uplifting quotes about serving in tennis, or ‘first serve,’ as they call it. A single point involves multiple shots, yet only one of them is played without the involvement of the opponent, and that shot is the serve. As a result, the serve is an essential aspect of the game of tennis.
The quotes below help us comprehend the significance of serving and its different ramifications in the game. Tennis players and coaches have given their perspectives on ‘serving’ in this post, which our readers will find quite valuable as you can always learn something from outstanding minds in sports.

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Tennis player Pete Sampras quotes about serving

  1. There’s always one shot that I can rely on when I’m not hitting the ball that well, is my serve. Pete Sampras, American tennis player

  2. You kind of live and die by the serve. Pete Sampras, American tennis player

  3. Hitting a serve is like hitting an overhead but on the serve you can control the toss. A lot of players don’t practice the toss, but it’s key because it all starts with the toss. Pete Sampras, American tennis player

  4. It all starts with the toss; if your toss is off it’s tough to serve consistently well. If you know that your toss will always be in the same spot you can really go after the serve. Pete Sampras, American tennis player


Tennis player Andy Murray quotes about serving

  1. If you serve well, you’re going to give yourself opportunities ’cause you can definitely put pressure on guys by getting through a few quick service games. Andy Murray, British tennis player

  2. I just need to improve the serving, and if I do that then I’ll give myself a lot of chances in matches. Andy Murray, British tennis player

  3. I do put a lot of time and effort into studying my opponent’s serving, to see if there are any patterns or routines they have that might help me stand a better chance of hitting a strong return. Andy Murray, British tennis player


Quotes About Serving From Tennis Players And Coaches

  1. The serve, I think, is the most difficult, you know, in terms of coordination, because you got the two arms going, and you got to toss it up at the right time so. Roger Federer, Swiss tennis player

  2. No return, no wins, I’ll tell you that. It’s that simple. It’s maybe not as important as the serve. I think still bigger serving is a bit more important. Roger Federer, Swiss tennis player

  3. Every time you have something in your life that you can control, you should make it your own, have a routine. The serve is the one shot in tennis that you always have complete control over, so just take your time. Nick Kyrgios, Australian tennis player

  4. Life is like a tennis game. You can’t win without serving. Arthur Ashe, American tennis player

  5. The serve is one of the most important things of the game. The serve is a part of the confidence too. When you are relaxed, when you play with that confidence, the serve goes better. Rafael Nadal, Spanish tennis player

  6. Your game is only as good as your second serve. John Newcombe, Australian tennis player

  7. I can only control what I’m going to do. I also think that’s the reason why I was serving so well, because theoretically serving is the one thing you can control in tennis. Naomi Osaka, Japanese tennis player

  8. A thousand books on tennis won’t improve your serve, but a thousand serves will. Rick DeMarinis, American novelist

  9. I always had a powerful serve. It’s one of the best in women’s tennis. It’s very good to have a weapon like that. Li Na, Chinese tennis player

  10. If I can’t serve on grass, I can maybe help cut the grass, paint the lines and serve some strawberries. Goran Ivanisevic, Croatian tennis player

  11. It’s not a break until you hold your serve. Greg Rusedski, former tennis player

  12. In general, serving is the biggest thing. If you hit your spots well and you’re serving well, you’re going to get finished balls. Caleb Chakravarthi, American tennis player

  13. My serve is my biggest weapon on the court. Taylor Fritz, American tennis player

  14. Tennis always starts with the serve; it’s the only shot you control, not the opponent. Boris Becker, German tennis player

  15. The secret of a good serve is percentage. Boris Becker, German tennis player

  16. If you can throw a ball to a good distance with pace, it’s almost the same motion as a serve. Matteo Berrettini, Italian professional tennis player

  17. Serving is all about the rhythm, and the toss dictates that. Jimmy Arias, former tennis player

  18. A serve is 50 percent of the points you serve or your return in a match. Anthony Evrard, Belgium tennis player

  19. The serve is the only shot where everything relies on you. Serena Williams, American tennis player

  20. The serving is all timing; nothing else. Stefan Edberg, Swedish tennis player

  21. A serve, like a free throw in basketball, is the only shot you have 100 percent control over. But even with full control, it’s the most difficult shot to do consistently. Anthony Evrard, Belgium tennis player

  22. You can really take the time to perfect your serve, work on it and repeat it so it becomes something really consistent and precise. Felix Auger Aliassime, Canadian tennis player

  23. Serving is definitely my biggest gun. Trying to be a little bit more aggressive. Trying to go to my forehands more. And I think that’s where I made good progress. Jiri Vesely, Czech tennis player

  24. Mentality is a big thing, but I’d like everything to be more solid — backhand, forehand, serve. The serve is probably the most important. Donald Young, American tennis player

  25. The serve is the only thing you know about yourself when you play tennis. If you make it right, you make it right. Nobody can touch you when you serve. Nobody can disturb you. You have the ball in the hand. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, French tennis player

  26. If you serve well, your volleys are going to be so much easier. It has got to do with confidence. Stefan Edberg, Swedish tennis player

  27. Improving my ability of serving is always my goal, but also a challenge. I’m always thinking how to improve my serving. If you want to go to a higher level, then serving is definitely very important. Zhang Shuai, Chinese tennis player

  28. It creates a higher pressure on my opponents when I serve well and also takes some off my back and allows me to swing more freely on return games. Milos Raonic, Canadian tennis player

  29. You have to be focus on every single shot because you have to play until the end of the shots. So it’s a little bit different than you play against someone who’s just serving very fast and just going with the first or second shot like a winner. Angelique Kerber, German tennis player

  30. I was serving good but was returning especially well, which was a weakness in my game. So not only was I serving well, but I was also breaking these other guys, and they felt the pressure. Richard Krajicek, Dutch tennis player

  31. The serve is the most misunderstood stroke in tennis. Vic Braden, American tennis player

  32. As with any shot, 90 percent is just confidence. If you’re feeling great about your serve, you’re probably going to serve well Taylor Dent, American tennis player

  33. The game of tennis is the game of momentums, up and down,” says Pancho Segura. However, if you love tennis, the serve is the most likeable part of the game. Pancho Segura, former tennis player

  34. You just have to concentrate on getting the first serve in. You have to attack; Who makes the first shot tougher has the advantage. Pancho Segura, former tennis player

  35. The Serve is the most important part of the game. If you have a big serve like Bill Tilden’s or Ellsworth Vines’s or Frank Shields’s, you’ve got your opponent on the defensive from the start. Don Budge, American tennis player

  36. Serving is the most important and the most difficult skill for a junior player to master. You can’t win a point or a match unless you can serve. Eric Pease, tennis coach

  37. The tennis serve is the most important stroke in tennis. Yet it is treated like an afterthought. Scott Thyroff, tennis coach



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