51 Insightful Quotes About Shooting from Basketball Players and Coaches: The Art of Shooting

Shooting is considered a skill in basketball, and some consider it an art. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Ray Allen, and Larry Bird are some of the basketball players who are regarded as the best shooters in history. To develop the skill of shooting, a basketball player must put in a lot of effort and maintain a consistent work ethic.

In this post, we hope to provide our readers with the mindset and various ideas associated with shooting in basketball from basketball players, coaches, and professionals who work closely in the field of basketball. Through these quotes, we as students of the game can certainly learn about the various aspects of shooting, the mindset and preparation required of a basketball player, and its importance in the game of basketball.

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1. “I’ve just got to stay confident and believe in myself and keep shooting them because that’s the only way I’m going to get better. Giannis Antetokounmpo, NBA player

In the 2019-20 season, Giannis Antetokounmpo increased his jump-shooting output, which was criticized by many experts and also exploited by opposing teams. He averaged a career-high 4.4 three-point attempts per game.

2. “The best shooters shoot the exact same way every single time they look at the basket. Stephen Curry, NBA player

Stephen Curry is widely regarded as the most prolific basketball shooter in NBA history. He is known for his disciplined work ethic and amazing athleticism.

3. “You only have one job to do, shoot the ball. Jimmy Butler, NBA player

4. “I can shoot the faders; I can shoot the middies; I can shoot the threes. But in the game, I’m such a perfectionist. Zion Williamson, NBA player

In a game against the Dallas Mavericks in 2021 season, Zion Williamson became the youngest player in NBA history to score 30 points on 90% shooting.

5. “All teams need good shooters. You can never have enough shooting. Devin Booker, NBA player

6. “The worst thing you can do as a shooter is hesitate. You must keep believing the next one’s going in. Dirk Nowitzki, German basketball player

Dirk Nowitzki’s accurate outside shooting and fadeaway jump shot were praised throughout his career. His shooting skills were even more impressive given his big physical stature.

7. “If you want to be a good shooter, you’ve got to shoot. Lonzo Ball, NBA player

Lonzo Ball started shooting from 12 meters in games from a very young age. He also used to shoot three-pointers from a very long distance in college basketball games.

8. “Always think of passing the ball before shooting it. John Wooden, basketball coach

John Wooden was honored as NCAA College Basketball’s Coach of the Year seven times during his college basketball coaching career, including five consecutive years from 1969 to 1973.

9. “It all starts with shooting for me. The whole floor opens up for me when I’m shooting. I have a lot of aspects to my game, but shooting is the primary key to opening up the rest of my game. Max Christie, basketball player

The quote above just goes to show how important shooting is in basketball. Shooting can open up the game for a team, even if they are trailing.

10. “The best shooters in the game are those who find room to fire despite the most obvious of intentions. Rob Mahoney, an NBA writer

A good shooter in basketball is one who can read the defense of the opposing team and adjust their shot accordingly.

11. “As a shooter, the one thing you want to be is consistent. Kyle Korver, NBA player

12. “You have to be willing to fail, because you’re not going to make every shot. Shooters shoot. If you want to be a hero, you’ve got to take hero shots. Reggie Miller, former NBA player

Failure is a part of basketball, especially for shooters. It’s rare for a shooter to have a 100% success rate, so it’s your willingness to take the next shot that matters most. Reggie Miller is a great example of this.

13. “Shooting is a skill you can develop. It’s repetition and confidence. Chris Mullin, former NBA player

14. “Shooting is the tonic that makes all your other offensive aches and pains go away. Couper Moorhead, sports columnist

When a player consistently makes shots, it opens up the floor for not only that player but their team as well, which makes scoring easier.

15. “There’s all kinds of different things that can affect your shot and the best shooters are the ones who can block those things out. Scot Pollard, former NBA player [source]

16. “The key thing is, if you want to score a lot of points, the best shooters have to shoot the most shots. There can’t be a democracy out there. Everybody’s got to know their role and who’s supposed to get the ball to people. Gary Williams, American basketball coach

It’s simple: if you want your team to score a lot of points, you need to give your best shooter the best chance to take shots. Before becoming a basketball coach, Gary Williams played for Maryland as the starting point guard.

17. “We guard where the shooter is, not where the line is. Jim Boeheim, basketball coach

Just like in life, basketball players need to be prepared for the unexpected. Flexibility and adaptability are two essential qualities for every basketball player.

18. “Shooting is a skill that can be developed, and so is ball handling. Andy Borman, Basketball team executive

19. “Unlike the NBA’s more physical demands, shooting is a skill that can withstand the test of time. Larry Bird, former basketball player [source]

Larry Bird’s quote is nothing but the truth. Shooting is a skill that can be used as a weapon against an opponent team’s defense for a long time. Bird is widely regarded as one of the greatest shooters in NBA history.

20. “Being a great shooter is more about your mentality after a miss than after a make. Cristian Barber, skill development trainer

It’s important to have a positive attitude as a shooter. Even the best shooters in the NBA miss shots sometimes, but it’s their aggressive mindset that keeps them focused on the game and on the next shot.

21. “Shooting is not just an act where you throw a ball into a round object. Rather, shooting is truly one of the greatest disciplines in all of sports. Paul Hoover, basketball coach

Shooting is a skill that is very difficult to learn for a basketball player. It requires continuous practice and discipline to perform it consistently in a match.

22. “Pass with purpose, shoot with purpose. Unknown

23. “You know what? I don’t know what ‘miss’ is. The last I heard a miss is a lady, so I’m just gonna keep shooting. Bradley Beal, NBA player

For any basketball shooter, it is important to not get too down on themselves after a miss, and to keep shooting with the same level of confidence every time.

24. “I’m just continuing to work hard. Shooting is a part of my game that I continue to work on. Pascal Siakam, Cameroonian basketball player

25. “If you’re going to be the best at one thing, shooting is a good thing to master. Colin W., sports writer

26. “Shooting is the only acknowledged “skill” in basketball. Most of the other stuff gets chalked up as reflex. Ethan Sherwood Strauss, sports journalist

To a large extent, shooting is a skill that does not require the extreme level of athleticism that other basketball skills do. Anyone who works hard and spends time perfecting it can certainly develop this skill.

27. “There are going to be times when you’re in rhythm, there are going to be times when your body’s sore, there are going to be times when you feel like your shooting is effortless. Mark Daigneault, NBA coach

Not every day is the same. Some days are easy, and some are tough, but we have to follow the routine. Shooting is the same. Sometimes you’ll miss, but hopefully, you’ll hit a lot. These things shouldn’t bother us as players.

28. “Shooting is an attitude. You have to cultivate it. Fred Brown, former basketball player

Michael Jordan is the greatest example of an athlete who enhanced his game skills through sheer practice and continuous effort. His attitude towards the game is what made him who he is today.

29. “Three-point shooting is one of the main things that you can improve. Like anything with muscle memory, it doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s here to stay. Joe Abunassar, Impact Basketball

Stephen Curry is one of the best three-point shooters in NBA history. Youngsters who want to be good at three-point shooting should know that it is a skill that can be improved with practice.

30. “Shooting is a lost art at the professional ranks. But it’s like a left-handed bullpen pitcher: You will have a job when you are 40, 45. Ray Allen, former basketball player

Over the years, many experts have pointed out that shooting is a skill that is often overlooked by players and coaches alike. In the modern era of basketball, athleticism and flashy plays are often given more importance than shooting. However, in recent years, things have been changing in favor of shooting.

31. “One thing you can not be, is a careful shooter. You’ve got to let the ball go. Ivorie Manning, basketball coach

Klay Thompson is a great example of a fearless shooter. He takes open shots and difficult shots alike, and he has faced his fair share of failure. However, that does not stop him from taking the next shot. Young and aspiring basketball players can certainly learn a lot from this.

32. “The way you improve your shooting is to shoot. Go in the gym by yourself and shoot. Work on your fundamentals and techniques. Gary Williams, college basketball coach

Gary Williams’s quote is a valuable piece of advice that is simple and straightforward. It may sound like a cliché, but practice really does make shooting perfect.

33. “The mental side of shooting is something a lot of people still don’t understand the depths of. Confidence is huge… Even the best shooters in the world struggle with confidence. Mark Price, former NBA player [source]

No matter how skilled a surgeon is, if he lacks confidence in his abilities, he won’t be able to perform surgeries on his patients. Confidence is a big factor in any profession, and it can make all the difference.

34. “While shooting is a skill, aggression is a mindset. Michael Kaskey-Blomain, NBA writer

35. “In basketball today, shooting is the No. 1 name of the game. Ryan Gomes, basketball coach

36. “It’s not just about getting up 100 shots every day. You have to correct it constantly. Mark Price, former NBA player

The phrase “practice makes perfect” is an old adage, but it’s actually correct practice that makes things perfect. Correcting our mistakes made during practice is an essential part of any sport.

37. “When it comes to shooting, the little things often make the biggest difference. C.J. Holmes, sports reporter

Paying attention to the smallest details can have a big impact on an athlete’s overall performance. Sometimes, a small change in body posture or technique can make a positive difference.

38. “It’s not about how your shot looks. It’s about how efficient your shot is. It’s about consistency. Chris Matthews,  NBA shooting coach

Consistency is the key to athletic success. When we start seeing results from our hard work, it can be tempting to stop working, but if we do, we will stop seeing results.

39. “Great shooters aren’t born. They’re forged. C.J. Holmes, sports reporter

The quote is true in a lot of ways. Natural abilities definitely help a shooter improve their shooting skills in basketball. However, anyone can become a great shooter through sheer hard work and practice.

40. “You can’t just go in the gym and shoot 10 free throws and say now all of the sudden I’m a good free-throw shooter. You have to put hours and hours in. Dirk Nowitzki,  German basketball player

One cannot simply hope and expect to become a good shooter overnight. It takes time and effort. Stephen Curry, who is well-known for his shooting, performs at his best when it comes to three-point shots.

41. “Every aspect of my game, I’m trying to touch up on, but consistent shooting is one of the main things that has been a priority. Jalen Johnson, NBA player [source]

42. “Just shut up, shoot, don’t think about it. Harrison Barnes, American basketball player

Overthinking kills creativity and ultimately performance. This is an old adage, but it is true in all aspects of life.

43. “Good shooters are often good shooters because they’re aggressive at hunting and seeking shots. Joe Harris, NBA player

Successful shooters all have one quality in common: they are fearless. You can’t shoot well if you’re doubting yourself or hesitating.

44. “Outside Shooting is the first thing often used to evaluate skill. Marques Johnson, former basketball player

Just as a skilled barber is known for their precise cuts, a skilled basketball player is known for their shooting.

45. “Shooting is the No. 1 skill in the NBA right now; premium. Pete Philo, former NBA scout

46. “In basketball, shooting is a fundamental force. It pulls defenders out of the lane, changing the shape of the defense. And, when it’s strong enough, it can actually compromise the principles of an entire system. Rob Mahoney, NBA writer

A team with a good shooting attack can completely change the strategies and defensive designs of the opposing team.

47. “You shoot the ball no matter if you’re in a rut or you’re shooting the ball well. You step up and you shoot it with confidence. Corey Webster, New Zealand basketball player

Confidence is key when shooting. Every basketball shooter experiences highs and lows, but you should not dwell on the past and instead focus on the next opportunity.

48. “Any shooter around the world would love to be in that position to try and shoot a game winner and step up and shoot with confidence. Corey Webster, New Zealand basketball player

Basketball players look for opportunities to make a difference for their team, and shooting is one way to do that. A well-timed shot can change the momentum of a game, especially in close situations.

49. “I just shoot with confidence. Every shot I take I think is going in. Keegan Murray, NBA player

50. “You have to shoot. I know I can make this shot. That’s why I am here. Why I am playing last minute; coach trusted me. Nikola Mirotic, Montenegrin-Spanish basketball player

Nikola Mirotic’s quote simply conveys the message of self-belief and trusting your abilities, even when the game is not going your way. Mirotic is a Spanish basketball player who made his NBA debut in 2014.

51. “Becoming a great shooter is shooting the same shot. It’s allowing yourself and (having) the confidence in your own shooting ability to no matter what, make or miss, the next shot you take, you take the same shot. Chris Jent, American basketball coach

One thing that is common among the most successful basketball shooters is their consistency. Regardless of the outcome of their previous attempt, a shooter must shoot in a consistent manner.



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