Top 41 James Harden Motivational Quotes (Basketball Player) 2022 Updated

Player Name: James Harden, American professional basketball player.

James Harden is widely recognized as one of the best scorers and shooters in NBA history. James Harden, born August 26, 1989, is a professional basketball player from the United States.

He grew up in Southern California and attended Arizona State University. He began his professional career in 2009 with the ‘Oklahoma City Thunder,’ before being signed by the ‘Rockets’ in 2012.

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    1. Work hard and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything.” – James Harden

    2. There’s always going to be haters and negativity towards your dreams, but block that out and just go get it..” – James Harden

    3. You have to be able to listen. You have to be able to put the right work in and eliminate distractions.” – James Harden

    4. If you don’t have haters, you don’t have people not wanting you to succeed, then you’re just not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.” – James Harden

    5. Mental and your work ethic. If you don’t have those two, you can’t last very long in this league.” – James Harden

    6. I get inspired by anybody. I find inspiration from anything to be able to keep me pushing and keep me being great.” – James Harden

    7. You can’t over-nitpick, over-analyze the game. You got to get stops in order to put yourself in a position to win. It’s pretty simple.” – James Harden

    8. If you stay the same, you’ll be average. You’ve got to continue to get better.” – James Harden

    9. To all the youngins who got a dream, a vision. Go take it. Go chase that dream.” – James Harden

    10. I’m a workaholic. I work every single day, and not just physically, but mentally as well.” – James Harden

    11. Pressure is when you’re not prepared. When you’re prepared, it’s no pressure. Just go out there, execute and do what you know how to do.” – James Harden

    12. Whether it’s a coach who’s messing with your minutes or teammates who are being selfish, focus on what you can control.” – James Harden

    13. Continue to work, and don’t focus on anybody that’s bringing you negative energy or telling you you can’t do something.” – James Harden

    14. Focus on the positives and study the game, love the game.” – James Harden

    15. Success is not going to happen overnight. It’s finding ways to keep getting better just a little bit every day. If you always have that mindset, you’ll see the difference.” – James Harden

    16. The more you work, the more you figure out how to be great. Just keep adjusting, keep adapting.” – James Harden

    17. Goal is to be the best. Not the best who’s out right now, but the best. You know, longevity.” – James Harden

    18. You have to be in that moment and have this brain to know how to figure it out.” – James Harden

    19. The key is knowing who you are—believing not only that you can find the giant’s weakness but also that you are the giant.” – James Harden

    20. It’s not being cocky or trying to be arrogant. It’s just having that confidence in myself that I can go out there and impact the game on so many different levels.” – James Harden

    21. Travel, stay motivated, stay focused on family, friends, and find that space every single day to clear your mind.” – James Harden

    22. It’s a long story I been busy working.” – James Harden

    23. Wake up. Grind. Recover. Repeat. By any means necessary, go attack your dream.” – James Harden

    24. Be who you are at all times.” – James Harden

    25. You’ve got to learn from your mistakes and not make those mistakes twice because it can cost you a game, it can cost you a series.” – James Harden

    26. You win or you lose. It’s a short memory. You’ve got to focus on the next game, next possession.” – James Harden

    27. We might get whooped by 40, might lose by two, might win by 20, but our same swagger, our same confidence is always there.” – James Harden

    28. Mental toughness is just as important as physical toughness.” – James Harden

    29. You can be 7 feet tall, but if you don’t have a heart, it doesn’t matter.” – James Harden

    30. When you prepare yourself to be great, there’s no surprise.” – James Harden

    31. I want to compete for a championship. That’s all that matters to me at this stage. I’m willing to take less to put us in position to accomplish that.” – James Harden

    32. Don’t stress, don’t rush it.” – James Harden

    33. We all got the same 24 hours, how are you using yours today?.” – James Harden

    34. You could have it all, it’s all about your reason.” – James Harden

    35. They expectations change when the narrative change. – James Harden

    36. Took a leap of faith and it changed my life and the lives of my family forever.” – James Harden

    37. Another day, Another opportunity.” – James Harden

    38. Stay ready so you won’t have to get ready.” – James Harden

    39. Life wasn’t meant to live someone else’s. We all have our own purpose.” – James Harden

    40. Being in attack mode is something I try to bring into every single game, and that’s what’s making me be so successful.” – James Harden

    41. Blessed to do what I love everyday. Respect your passion.” – James Harden



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