Challenging NFL Logo Quiz: Can You Pick the Right One?

If you are looking for a tough and challenging NFL logo quiz, then you’ve come to the right place. This NFL quiz requires a great level of attention to detail from your side to identify which logo is correct. With this quiz, you can not only test your knowledge of NFL teams but also your attention to small details.

How to Play:

The format of this quiz is simple. You will be provided with two versions of a logo of an NFL team. One of them is correct and the other one is incorrect. You have to guess which logo is correct and choose the right option. Each correct answer will be awarded one point. For the last question, you’ll need to answer in the comment box and also share your final score. Are you ready? Then let’s get into it!


1. Cincinnati Bengals


2. Los Angeles Chargers


3. Indianapolis Colts


4. Green Bay Packers


5. New York Giants


6. Washington Commanders


7. Pittsburgh Steelers


8. New York Jets


9. Dallas Cowboys


10. San Francisco 49ers


11. New Orleans Saints


Don’t forget to comment with your answer to the last question in the comment box below and also share your final score. Share the quiz with your friends on social media.


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