10 Things About Archery That Positively Impacts Your Life

This post is for both those who have been practicing this skill of archery for years as well as those who are thinking about taking up this sport sometime in the future. In this post, we will look at some of the aspects of archery that create a positive impact on our lives. Archery is much different from many sports and outdoor activities in terms of its evolution, which can be correlated with human evolution. We will delve into this topic, including the nuances of this skill, in more detail in the remainder of this post.


1. It is a relaxing sport that is akin to meditation.

As we observe an archer assuming their stance and aligning their arrow with the target, the fleeting moments that transpire before the arrow’s release offer a sense of tranquility for the spectators. Archery, a sport that requires a person to stay calm and in the moment, poised and focused on the target. This is quite different from other individual sports. In other sports, such as racket sports or athletics, the intense gameplay makes it difficult for athletes to stay as relaxed as in archery.

Well, sports and meditation are two concepts that, if they were two people, would reside at opposite ends of a room. Archery is the only sport that brings them together. Archery is a skill that everyone should learn because it can be mastered at one’s own pace and comfort.


2. Mastering the skill of archery is rewarding.

Learning archery is undeniably quite a strenuous activity, as is the case with any skill-based sport. However, it is also a rewarding experience. In the daily grind, we often find ourselves struggling to maintain focus while engaged in a variety of tasks. Here is a sport that not only, when learned, helps to learn a new skill but also improves precision and attention. Archery is not about aiming for perfection but attaining excellence in what you do.


3. Every shot provides a sense of accomplishment unlike any other sport.

Not everyone can climb Mount Everest, nor does everyone need to. But the sense of accomplishment one gets from doing such a herculean task is beyond description. This is why I use the example of Everest to illustrate the level of accomplishment one can achieve by pursuing the next phase of learning and competing in a sport like archery.

In many sports, one feels joyous or fulfilling when they eventually win the game. After doing everything right at times, an athlete has to take a loss because their opponent played better on that occasion. With archery, things work differently. Every next arrow shot provides an opportunity for an archer to better their previous performance.


4. The sound of releasing a bowstring is satisfying!

Yes, you heard it right. For many archers, the sound that comes after releasing an arrow from the string is something pleasant to the ear. Archery has roots in ancient times, as bows and arrows were traditionally made from natural materials. Nature has its own unique soundscape, and one needs to be immersed in nature to fully appreciate it. The sound that comes from the release of an arrow resonates with the sounds of nature in many ways. And it’s not just the sound of releasing the arrow but also the impact on the target or bull’s-eye that has its own distinctive flair. The only way to truly experience this is to learn archery.


5. A sport that makes you follow a routine.

A routine followed rigorously transforms itself into a ritual. Archery, though a fun outdoor activity, for professional archers, the hours they spend on perfecting the skill for days turn that routine into a ritual. Such is the importance archery holds in an archer’s life. It’s a sport of precision, and everything about archery revolves around it. Therefore, achieving precision takes immense patience and perseverance from the athlete. This is a unique aspect of archery, uncommon in other sports.

Practicing archery is not just a routine that one follows physically but mentally as well. It’s a muscle memory that needs to be kept well-oiled to keep it in tune with physical execution. Therefore, learning archery gives you a set routine that, if followed consistently, helps in other endeavors of life as well.


6. Archery has a rich history of thousands of years.

Archery connects us to the human evolutionary history of thousands of years, taking us back to the Stone Age, a period from which this skill has been integral to human existence. Back then, humans developed archery for survival, safety, and hunting. Today, after millennia, the skill has evolved into a sport as our needs have changed. A skill that was once a necessity for hunters and warriors has become a great outdoor activity for anyone to pursue.


7. It gives you one more reason to go outdoors and enjoy the ambiance.

While technological advancements have quickened our daily routines, they have also made us less active in terms of physical mobility. Human quest for easing problems around them by finding solutions to alleviate them results in more sets of problems. Currently, accessibility is something that each of us enjoys due to technology. However, it has also made us less likely to leave the comfort of our homes. 

Outdoor activities such as archery and other sports give us a reason to reconnect with the outdoors, a place we have always belonged to. It’s good to participate in an outdoor activity once or even twice a week to refresh our minds and body. It definitely “reboots” our system.


8. Archery equipment that takes us back to our childhood.

A bow and arrow has always been a source of fascination for kids. Before the era of plastic toys, people used to make bow and arrow toys from wooden materials for children. For many of us, it was a cherished gift we received on our birthdays. Archery, with its unique equipment, evokes fond childhood memories. The stories we heard and read from our elders and comic books often featured a warrior who used their archery skills to defeat their enemies. These stories have stayed with us throughout our lives, and archery holds a special place in our mind.


9. It’s a great exercise for bringing that focus back

We are at the peak of our ability to focus during our childhood days. As we grow older, distractions from all sorts of things happening in life make that ability for us to focus weaker. Focusing on the task at hand is vital to really give our best efforts at what we are doing. That’s what we learn with archery. If the focus is not there, even if we manage to complete the task, the end result rarely satisfies us.

Archery is a skill that is all about focus. It is the foundation upon which this skill completely depends. A weak foundation makes it difficult to aim accurately. Archery helps archers focus on a single point while also teaching them to manage distractions and overcome them in both games and life.


10. An inclusive sport that welcomes everyone.

Samuel Duvalli and Denise Parker have one (actually two) things in common: they both are Olympics medalists in Archery. The other thing that is common between the two is that they both are fellow Americans. But the one thing that separates the two is their ages. Samuel Duvalli became an Olympics medalist at the age of 68, whereas Parker was only fifteen when she won a medal in archery in the 1988 Olympics.

Archery is a skill that people from various age groups can engage in. Age is certainly not a barrier to participation in this sport activity, as evidenced by the example above. From young kids who enjoy the bow and arrow to adults who aim for the bull’s eye with utmost focus, the sport of archery has something for everyone.


With that final point aptly summarizing the true essence of archery, we have reached the concluding section of this post. I hope that after reading this post, you have gained a somewhat new perspective as well as more reasons to appreciate this skill.