Tennis String Length Calculator: Calculate the Estimated Length of String for Your Tennis Racket

In this post about our sports tools, we’ve presented a useful tool that helps you calculate and estimate the average length of string required for a tennis racket. The calculator provided below is beneficial for tennis players who string their own rackets and for those who want to determine the string length needed based on specific racket specifications.

The calculator not only estimates the required length of tennis racket string but also provides the lengths needed for both the main and cross strings. 


Instructions for Use:

To use the calculator, you need to have certain specifications of your racket on hand:

  1. Racket Head Length (L): The length of your racket’s head (in inches)
  2. Racket Head Width (W): The length of your racket’s width (in inches)
  3. Racket’s stringing pattern: The stringing pattern of the tennis racket, such as 16×19, 18×20, etc.
    a. Number of main strings – The number of vertical strings.
    b. Number of cross strings – The number of horizontal strings.
  4. Stringing factor (Adjustable): The default value of the Stringing Factor is set at 10% of the total length of string needed. However, this percentage is adjustable so that you can set it according to your preference.


Tennis String Length Calculator:

1. Racket Head Length (L) =
2. Racket Head Width (W) =
3. Racket’s stringing pattern:
a. Number of main (vertical) strings =
b. Number of cross (horizontal) strings =
4. Stringing factor (Adjustable) =